Sunday, July 24, 2011

Here is the special order for my Etsy store.  I made 2 of these.  I really like the way they turned out.  I still have to get lights (bought wrong ones) and then they are ready for their new home:)

Ok so these are all the rage.  I gave it a try.  This was made out of toliet paper rolls, cut into 1/2 strips.  It needs a little more work.  I need to expand some of the toliet paper rolls and some shaping.  Clean the mirror a bit!  Ok so I finally found the time to make one.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

water bottles

I found these at the dollar tree:)  Love that place.  Anyhow, I thought that it would be a great alternative to the amount of plastic bottles (h20)  my family produces.  These are just 2 of many I am going to make.  My son wants a blue one with New York Yankees.  Our other daughter wants a lime green one.  Now I have an order for the blue one with Gators colors.  Off to the dollar store I go

Diaper cake I made for Hannah's pitching coach

Hannah's pitching coach is expecting a baby boy in 4 months.  With all the girls that she is coaching I bet she wont be hurting in the babysitting department.

Really I had like 30 Minutes to whip this up.  Hope she likes it:)

When softball is done. Lets play:)

OK so the girls have still been together all last week due to the world series, and now that the tournament is over they are still together.

They decided if one of them goes on a trip the other one sneaks in the suitcase.  Here they are trying to zip it up.  Thank goodness I walked in to stop the madness,

The Charlotte Starz finished 4th

The girls fell apart lost to a team they run ruled earlier this week.  Still very proud a them. A bracket is tough!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yea charlotte starz

The girls played awesome today.  So far 2 wins down, and a whole bunch more to go!

One of our girls hit a home run.  Hannah pitched great today, her screw ball was rocking.

Still just in the pool games, waiting to see what bracket we will be placed in.  We have played A all year, so I really have to believe that we will be in the A.

Ok so I do have to say that youth sports has gotten really cut throat. The parents are really behind all of it.  That being said, if your child is playing a sport that she/he enjoys..... Let them enjoy it.  You the parent are not out there playing.  Please do not play it through them.

Ok so I hope to post more good news tomorrow....

Monday, July 11, 2011

A week of Softball

Hi everyone:)

This is going to be a busy week for us.  Hubby and youngest are in the Top Gun National softball tournament.  They start Wednesday and play hopefully to Sunday.  The team has won in 09,10.  Now we are hoping for a 11!!!!

This is the last tournament of the season.  Although my hubby just told me that the ASA sanction wants them to be the at large team in their nationals in Virgina.  So prod of these young girls.

Virgina might be nice.  We can take the kids to DC for a much needed vacation.

I am working on some gift tags for a client and will post them soon.

Hope everyone has a great week

Softball Tournament Week