Sunday, January 29, 2012

January 29th

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Wow!  This weekend flew by.  We started the weekend off with a trip to red box to rent a movie.  We arrived at our local Harris Teeter to grab the movie of our choice and it was not there.  UGH.  So back home to watch the 200 channels we get from our local cable company.

I often wonder why we always need more than we have.  I am really afraid that I have done injustice to my kids.  I look around and it seems to be the trend.  Why is it that we are no longer happy with what we have, and are always looking for more.  What is the empty that we are trying to fill.  Don't get me wrong, I want my kids to try there best and always think that there is room for some type of improvement.  I don't want them to be content with life, I want them to always look for ways that they can make a difference.  I am really concerned about the material and superficial things.  It seems that when we didn't make the 3 figure income that we were really happy when something new came into our home.  The if you want it just go out and buy it was never an option for me when I was growing up, and I turned out pretty good.

Wow, sorry I really went off on that topic.  Sorry for that, I am back to the real world.  Saturday morning the girls and I dropped off the Durango at an auto detail shop to get it ready to sell. He really wanted to keep it until Monday, because he was closing in an hour. I decided that we would walk up to the next exit to grab a bite to eat and then the dollar store.  Then from there we would walk all the way back home.  3 hours later we made it home.  I clocked it this afternoon and we walked 7 Miles.  Our feet were killing us.  To be honest the last 2 miles where the worst.

 Then the kids and I went out to dinner and a movie.  Husband was busy with...... You guessed it softball.  So all 4 kids and I went to Applebee's.  Many years back, well allot of years back like when I was in my twenties, I was  a corporate trainer for this company.  The kids and I get there and they are on a 30 minute wait.  I head to the bar and find stools for the kids and I.  That should have been a clue, 5 chairs open at the bar when they are on a wait.  After waiting 30 minutes plus for our apps to come out, I ask the bartender to please check on our food.  Then the apps comes out and with that Kaitlyn's meal.  Now I know that our food is in the kitchen ready sitting under the heat lamps.  I tell her to just go ahead and bring it all.  Our food comes out and no lie my chicken breast is cooked and cold.  I ask the bartender if my chicken is supposed to be cold?  She grabs it and the manager delivers it to me warm, pretty much stuck in the microwave, he ask me how everything is tonight.  Really!  I pretty much let him have it, then he tries to tell me that they are very busy and he is really sorry, but the kitchen couldn't keep up.  Ok so really the MOD (Manager on Duty) is apologizing for being busy.  I look at him and politely tell him he should have not open the doors then.

Now on to the movie, we get there and the movie started 15 minutes before their on line times stated.  I am pretty much in the mode of whatever.  The girls and I saw A Joyful Noise.  Wow I loved it.  I didn't get to sit next to the girls who were in the very front row, because the movie was pretty much sold out.  I sat 4 rows back.  Now I have had a crappy dinner and a movie by myself. FUN.  I was really worried about Kaitlyn during the movie, the volume was really loud.  She did great.  There was a part in the movie when the child of the character Queen LaTefa played was telling her he hated God for making him Autistic.  God did this to him.  Now this poor woman next to me must have thought I was having a nervous breakdown.  I was crying so hard that the nose was running.  Yep it was a major cry, when the nose comes into play.  I could only wonder if Kaitlyn understood what he was saying, and did she feel that way.  I couldn't see her reaction, so I guess I will never really know.  Great movie.  A must see.  Taylor went to see a war movie.  We had fun because we were all together.

I have to share with anyone that watched the Space Camp Movie- The Smile as Big as the Moon (Hallmark) tonight, I swear this is Kaitlyn's class in high school.  She has one that is fighting about being put in the class.  There is a kid with major OCD and I happen to drive a young man that has tourettes.   My Kaitlyn is the heavy red head girl.  The one that always gets picked on.  I think I have cried 3 times already.

Sunday, Kaitlyn has her hippo therapy.  That is another name for therapeutic horse back riding lessons. Then back home for a quick nap and to my mom's for dinner.  The girls were happy, because they didn't have to eat my cooking.  The husband stayed back to work on Yep you guessed it more Softball.

Here are a few things I got done this weekend.

The 2 baby hats.  Now for the valentines.  I give my kids that I clean their mommy and daddy's house each a valentine from Mrs. Tiff every year.  Plus Kaitlyn gives her teachers and friends one every year.  I know a Jr. in High School, but she is different.  She loves to make people happy.  My Angle from Heaven.

Hope everyone has a great week:)


Thursday, January 26, 2012


Ok here is my first tutorial.

Hannah was holding the camera. I will be using a tripod for the next one :)

She has been figthing a little cold, and had tons of sniffles in the video. I had to cut out some of the parts do to the really loud sniffles. Her nose is really close to the camera. Wow I knew that she was not feeling so great, and fighting this cold, but after listening to her on this video I better get her somemore medicine.

Thanks for all the great comments from my new followers. I love it when I hear from you.

I sure hope the next 2 days speed by. I am really ready for the weekend.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


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We bought a new car today.  I know I just got done saying that I was looking at my needs versus my wants.  Husbands car has 160,000 miles on it, and has been a really good car until now.  We love the Durango and it was a good car to us.  Last month my husband and son were coming home from his basketball practice and they hydro planed on 77N.  My husband was so scared that he truly thought that it was going to be far worse then it was.  They were skidding sideways going 70 miles per hour, he actually was at one point facing the wrong way on the interstate.  They were skidding and went into the median, grass flying everywhere.  At one point my husband held on to the wheel and told our son to hang on and duck. Thank goodness there was no guard rail, so they were able to slide about 1,500 feet sideways.  On top of all that he has been putting antifreeze in his car everyday before he drives it.  The air conditioner is not working, that really does not matter, it is really cold outside anyways.

last night my husband was on line and found a car he like at car max.  By 1:00 we were out the door with financing already in place and an appointment for us to see the car.  Off we go.  We had every intentions of  trading in the Durango for the 2011 Ford Expedition.  Well, we came home with the Expedition and the Durango.  The amount of money that they were willing to give us for the Durango was terrible.  Now I guess we will put her on Craigslist. He loves his new car.  Hannah gets home and she is getting her permit next month and cannot wait to drive it.  At first I thought that he was going to say no.  Right Tiff this is Hannah.  She did have a red Gatorade in her hand and he said  "not with that in your hand."  Off we go with Hannah behind the wheel of this boat.  She got to drive it before me...

This past summer sometime in September my hubby sold his boat.  That was a major deal.  He loved it, but with all the kids activities I think we got out on it 3 times this year, not really practical.  I think this maybe his way of getting his boat back:)

I get Kaitlyn in the tub and Hannah set and ready for her shower, come downstairs to start on the dinner dishes, my cell phone rings.  Hubby no where around.  It was him calling me from his sync thing in his car.  Really the man was out there in the cold rain playing in his car.  Oh my the boys and their toys.

The new year has really awakened me.  I have decided that loyalty among friends has seen it's days.  We truly live in a all for me society.  Crazy and really hard for me to come to grip with this idea.  I pride on myself on being a loyal friend no matter what.  I am stepping back and really trying to live the all for one and one for all life, and it is really hard.  Starting now I planning on turning the other way and making peace with this new way of life.
Yeah right I'll keep you posted on how this goes.  Anyone that knows me this is going to be harder then working out and trying to become that trophy wife.

Have a great week everyone

Day ??

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Wow where have the days gone?  My mom always told me that time goes by faster as you get older and she was right!
I have not worked out all week.  That cross fit work-out did me in.  I would love to sit here and write about how great I have been doing with my work-out, but I can't.  I am the type of girl who keeps it real no matter how it makes me look.  Dang how I wish I was working out everyday and getting fit.  I want to be that trophy wife.  Ugh Is there a pill I can take to get there.

This weekend flew by.  I ordered pizza's for Kaitlyn and I Friday night.  Hubby was at a softball coaches clinic and was eating out with the other coaches.  Hannah was at her dad's for the weekend.  Kaitlyn and I had a pizza party UNTIL.  No lie, 15 minutes after eating a spinach Alfredo pizza I had it coming out both ends.  The party was over.  Husband had text me to see how we were doing and I textded him back DIEING.  I let him in on the pizza in between trips to the bathroom.  My Kaitlyn was taking care of her mommy until I puked in the trash can, because I couldn't make it to the bathroom.  I think her exact words were..:I'm out of here."  Husband made it home and was headed straight for the pizza.  I told  do not eat the white one and please take to the trash outside.  He saw the condition I was in and did not argue one bit!.  I am now on the couch and he fixes himself a salad, the smell of it made me puke again.  At that point he told me that it might be a good idea that I sleep in our sons room, he had to get up early to be back at the clinic in the morning.  There I lay dying!!!  Softball and my kids ability to deal with puke leaves it up to me.

Now that leads to me with a question.  Why is that when the mom of the family gets sick she is on her own, but when the kids and hubby gets sick she becomes a MD???  I made it through the night in Taylor's room.

The next day I force myself to get up take a shower after 2 naps lasting an hour each.  Poor Kaitlyn was just waiting on mommy to get better so we can do something.  I hop in the shower and off to wally world I got.  Then to trusty McD's to make it better for her.  I found some great deals at wally world.  Got hubby and kids their valentines gifts.  Oh yeah I picked one up for me, for the hubby to give me.  That's how it works at the Foster's house.  I pretty much buy my own gifts and set them a side for them to give me when the time is right.  I bought at mew Cricut cartridge :)  They had the light one's on sale for 20.00.  Oh how I wanted to load up, but this year I am really looking at my wants versus my needs.

I made chili YUM!  Yes I could smell food again, darn it.  I was hoping that would last longer then it did.

When hubby got home we popped popcorn and turned all the lights off and watched over the hedge.  Cute movie.  I of course stayed up to watch SNL.  Darn it a repeat.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday  

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Finals Over!

Woo Hoo!

Finals are finally over.

  Today the girls didn't have to go to school.  All of their teachers told them that it was a make up or if you have to many absents you have to come.  The girls stayed home.  Of course I get a call from the school to send in a note to excuse them from school.  Really, tomorrow is the same thing.

Monday they are to make up a day. There was a power outage and they had to cancel school.  Now on Monday the hours are 7:15-10:15.  They want me to send my kids to school for 3 hours to make up for a whole day missed. I work and cannot provide transportation for them home.  Now the girls will have a 5 day weekend.   Dang we should have planned a mini vacation.

Today the girls and I had a great time.  We had a list of things that I needed to get done.  We stopped by IKEA.  Hannah had decorated her bedroom 3 times while walking through the massive store.

Hubby was really grouchy this morning.  I left for work as soon as I could.  Then while I was out and about I get a text from him, telling me he was sorry for how nasty he was this morning.  Awesome!  When youe husband is humble enough to apologize for his action it is a good day.

I am no longer sore :)  I really would like to start CrossFit, but wow the price is really high.  I think I may ask for something towards my membership for Valentines day.

Today I had an order for 20 of my mailboxes on my Etsy store.  The girls and I were out when I got the email.  When we got home I knew what my evening was going to look like.  They are ready to ship and will be off tomorrow.

This evening I made my first video tutorial.  I hope to upload it tomorrow night.  I think I had to turn the video recorder off 100 times.  There was one point that I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants.  How crazy is that.  I finally got myself together and finished it.  I hope to share it with you tomorrow.

I joined quit now.  This is an online help program for people that want to quit smoking,  I even get a months worth of my patches, just for joining.

Going to be rainy this weekend, so maybe I could get my house cleaned.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 13

No Cigarette and still married!  I swear I am losing it lately.

My patients are very thin with the man lately.  I feel like my world is caving in on me, really why the heck can't he fix it.  Really he is the husband and that is his job.

Softball is close to getting full swing now.  For me this means I am a (single) married woman.  After typing this out, I guess it will not be any different than it is now.  Thank goodness I don't have the grass to cut yet :)  I am really working on trying to be that girl with her glass half full.

Really sore today.  Walking up and down the stairs is such a chore.  I have to support myself when I try to sit on the potty.  I am juiced up on Omega 3's vitamin B12 and C, oh and lets not forget Aleve.  Oh my goodness, for those of you who don't know what I do for a living I clean houses.  The house I had today was all wood floors.  Instead of getting up off my knees to  move around while cleaning the floors, I crawled.  Yes once I was down I was staying down.

We have one more day of finals!  I cannot wait.  Lat night we were studying world history.  Steve is quizzing Hannah on somebody name Carl Marks.  I guess this guy founded communism.  Of course I answered with the guy that tap dances and was in black and white.  No wrong, Steve informs me that I was talking about Grouch o Marks.  See I knew there was a Marks in it.  You guessed it at that point he took it over.

Tonight was sports and entertainment marketing.  I was great.  She is so ready.  I would've rocked this class if they had it when I was in High School.  WAIT!  I am in High School again and not doing any better in history then I did the first time :)

I went to step 2 of the patch and I am not sure I was ready for that move.

We live on a street that is in the process of being winding, and it is awful.  I could walk faster than I can drive on the road.  There have been so many fender benders.  I think in a weeks time I have seen 3.  I wonder how many I haven't seen.  I do have to say "my brakes are really good on the Jeep."  I have come close to kissing the back end of a few cars myself.

Back to the step 2 with the patch.  I think I used my horn the last couple of days more than I have the whole time I have owned my Jeep.  Here's the deal, if everyone would just think like me I would be allot happier.

Today I stopped by the ATM and while getting my card back it slipped out of my hand and landed on the ground in between my car and the ATM Machine.  I open my door to try to fit between my car door and the ATM right.  20LBS. over weight and I am going to try to fit in the space the size of my foot.  Well, that didn't happen.  Looking all crazy trying to fit in this really little space and trying to get half of my body back in the car, a car pulls up.  I get my hand out the widow motion my pointy finger to tell them to wait I have to get my card off the ground.  Thank goodness the lady pretty much saw the whole thing and knew what I needed to do.  Yep I had to bend down sore thighs and all.  To top it off I have been really trying to dress somewhat normal these days.  I used to wear my work clothes (torn up sweat and a bleached out t-shirt) everywhere.  So I go to bend down to get my card praying I can get back up and I have jeans on.  I swear the new cut of jeans these days they do not allow someone to bend down without mooning anyone.  So there I am with I am sure the crack of my bottom showing and I am getting up in slow motion.  I guess I just wanted to make sure she saw everything.  That was my trip to the ATM.

I am off to bed so that I can face another smoke free day!

Hope everyone has a great hump day:)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Valentines decor

This post is picture heavy.

These I have sold on my etsy store.  Boxed up and ready to ship tomorrow!

Now on to the Fosters Valentines decor.

Dollar store battery candle.  Glass vase is from the dollar store too.  I added vinyl cut out from my cricut.
This  is a wire hanger I shaped into a heart and added strips cut from a pink, white, and red t-shirt.

This is actually hanging from the fireplace mantle this year.

a close up.

Here is another wire coat hanger with t-shirt strips tied to it.

I used the small pieces left from the hearts and placed them around my willow angels.

Another mailbox

Day 12

Still no cigarette.  It is getting easier.  Jaw is really hurting from all the gum I have been chewing.  Steve is eating way to many lozenges.  He is actually spending more money on those than both of us combined were on cigarettes. Really?  I am almost to a point where we just should start back if quitting is costing more than actually smoking.

  I haven't gotten on the scale in awhile.  Really scared to see what it will say.  I am eating like crazy.  I need to hit the grocery store for tons of veggies.  I think I might just do that.  Cut a bunch up, so when I am hungry I am not popping chips, candy and cookies in my mouth.

Today I went to cross-fit in Davidson.

Wow it was awesome.  I took my Hannah with me.  She now wants to join too.  Thank you Paul for explaining everything, and you were so patient.  Hannah and I got there and Paul introduced the program to me.  Here is how he explained it.  Paul first drew 3 circles joining together and a little circle in the center that connects the 3 is cross fit.  The three circles are body builders, runners, gymnastics.  Each one of these circles the people in them are really good at their one specialty.  Cross-fit wants you to be good (not really good) in all three.

We start with squats.  Paul has me squat really keeping my mind on my spine.  I lower my body with shoulders tall, not leaning over to keep my balance, but allowing my spin to do the work.  I think that I was working on the my back fat.  Yes I said back fat.  I never really wanted to use those two words to describe me.. UGH!

Now on to the conduit pole.  I now am doing lift squats.  I start with the pole resting on my my chest, elbows up and the pole sitting on the tip of my fingers.  I lower my body keeping my weight centered and lift up with the bar still sitting on my finger tips.  I did ok with this one.  I was trying to not drop the bar.  Now Paul shows me a shut the car door move.  Think of yourself  with your hands full and you are trying to shut the car door with no hands.  Hey push your butt out and shut the door with your butt.  Oh I got that one right away.  Now more squats but this time it is shut the door (butt pop out) and down as low as I can go.

3rd move is the pop squat.  I bend at my knees slightly and pop up while lifting the conduit pole over my head, and while the bar is over my head I squeeze my shoulder blades together.  That took some time to get.  I was afraid of hitting my face with the bar on my way up.  Paul assured me that I was only going to hit my face once.  Great, but lets not make it today.

Then on to a block.  Ok this thing is a little bigger than the step stool you have in the bathrooms for your kids to reach the sink to brush their teeth.  Paul sets it down in front of me and tells me to hop up on top of it with both feet at the same time.  Really not a problem.  Oh my goodness.  What the heck, I was afraid to do it.  Paul has me placing one foot at a time then get both of them on top.  Now I have to pop down.  Nope can't do that either.  Now I have to do this one foot at a time too.  Now I look at Paul and tell him really I can do this.  I must have looked like an idiot.  Arms swinging back and forth, I looked like I was ready to do the long jump..  Ready to jump and I can't.  Really!  Paul is very patient because I must have stood there with my arms swinging for a good minute.  Darn the block won, so one foot at a time it is.  Then I guess because I couldn't get the little step, he brings out the big block.  One foot at a time and I really have to swing my arms just to get up on top of the block.

Now on to this rowing machine.  I have to pull with my arms and legs.  There are numbers on this machine I have to get to 150 and the other number has to stay within 2:15.

Great I am done.  Wrong!  Paul looks at me and grabs a 6lb ball.  He brings me over to this wall with 2 lines painted on it.  I have to squat and pop up throwing the ball on my way up, throwing the ball to the line painted on the wall.  Ok good I am done right?!?!  NO

Next we move to where the big weights are.  He has me grab the bar and squat like I did the very second one he showed me.  I am doing good.  Paul looks at me and asks me how about some weight? NO!  Thanks but that is where I draw the line.  I will add them gradually.

Now Paul tells me I am to squat #1 15 times, then squat #2 while holding the weight bar 15 times, then pop squats 15 times, then hop stepping on the block 15 times, now the rowing to 2:15.  Then Paul tell me that after those 15 reps he wants 12 reps and after the 12 reps he wants 9.

I wanted to crawl out of there.  My legs were like rubber bands that had just been pulled out so far that it was trying to go back to it's little shape again,

I came home and now I love ALEVE!

This is my hard week. Now I am so sore that I can only hope to get this week over.

I loved the cross-fit idea.  I could really see myself with the washboard abs.  I now have to figure out how I can fit it in my schedule.

Finals week still going on.

Hannah has been studying world history all day.  It was MLK day and the kids were out of school, so she has had a day to study.  Steve is quizzing Hannah until she cannot keep her eyes open.

Good luck girls on your finals tomorrow.

My Aunt is not doing well.  She was given the Micheal Jackson drug while they have her in a medical induced comma and she is on a breathing tube and feeding tube.  This is all because of her contracting a viral form of pneumonia.

I enjoyed the time I got to spend with my mom.  How funny it is that when I was young, I didn't like the talks. Now that I am in my 40's I want more.  I love hearing stories of her childhood, the stuff she wouldn't share with me when I was young.  I love to find out how much I actually got away with.  I would tell her a story and she would be really surprised.  I would laugh and think dang Tiff you really did get away with that one.  Loved it, and want more times like that!!!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Traveling to ATL

I am not going to be posting for a few days.

My aunt is in the hospital, and she has not been doing well.  My mom and I are taking a road trip this weekend to she her.

Still no smoking:)  I am checking out this new place called Corss Fit
I will be there on Monday.  They offer you a free first time visit.  I will keep you posted.

Hope everyone has a great weekend


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 9

Happy Birthday to my husband!

The girls, Hannah and Leah (Murray kid), did their usual banner.

They do this every year.  Leah tried putting our last name on the S T E V E.  Oops Foster has one more letter than Steve.  So here is how she added the R.  Last year it was a snow day and Leah had spent the night.  They had it up for him when he woke up.  This year they put this together while studying for finals.

Yes!  Finals! It is finals week here and we are studying like crazy.  Hannah has been studying to a point that she wakes up and looks like a zombie.  Good luck girls!  I found a print that I put on Hannah's mirror so that when she woke up she would see it.

She loved it and was in pretty good spirits today.  I guess I will have to go back on pin and find another one for her for tomorrow.

Here is the picture of the gift that I couldn't share with you yesterday.

This in one of the dollar store mugs. I used my SCUT and Cricut to cut the Houston Texans logo and letters out of vinyl.  Then I arranged the vinyl on the transfer tape before adhering it to the mug. He is using it now.  Then Hannah bought him this.
She babysat Saturday night and used her babysitting money to get this shipped Fed Ex for her Stevie.
We are a blended family and he is her step dad.  Her dad is very active in her life, but you would never know that Steve is her step dad.  Those two are like peas in a pod.  He coaches her in softball, and they are always together.  This weekend they are going to a USC-Upstate team softball camp.

I know that some of you are scratching your heads right now, why the Texans? I thought they lived in North Carolina?  We are huge Tar Heel fans.  My husband went to the University of North Carolina in the late 80's.  We had purchased Carolina Football tickets for 8 years now.  Yes I said HAD.  This year we will not purchase season tickets.  The new chancellor, Holden Thorp (AKA "Doogie Houser"), has handled the football scandal like an idiot.  We are making our point with our wallets.

OK, back to the Texan's stuff.  TJ Yates was our (UNC) quarterback for 4 years.  He was drafted in the 5th round in the NFL.  He is the Texan's 3rd string quarterback.  The other quarterbacks for the Texans are hurt, and he has brought them to the second round of the playoffs!
He is the first UNC quarterback to play [quarterback] in the NFL.  We are so happy for him.  Now are house is chanting "Go Texans and TJ!"

Did my Zumba routine this morning.  Hannah did some last night and she was on medium, so of course I thought I could try medium too.  Oh my Gosh, my heart was racing and pulsating.  I had to stop and actually stood there for a second wondering is this it?  Am I having a heart attack while looking ridiculous trying to do these Zumba moves.  I gathered myself and went back to the usual routine.

Yes, I laughed at myself after that but really could you just see the headlines....Woman dies of a heart attack while doing Zumba.

No cigarette for both of us today.

Oh I have to share another story with you.  We all woke up and were wishing happy birthdays and all smiles.  I was looking for the nail clippers for a couple of days, and in my panic over having a heart attack doing Zumba, I found them on Hannah's dresser.  I grabbed them and placed them on the vanity in our bathroom.  I had to take a shower in the girls bathroom because the husband made it in our shower before me.  I get out of the girls shower and head to our bathroom to grab the clippers.  They are not there.  I of course say "where the heck are the clippers I just put up here?"  The birthday boy smiles at me and holds both hands up to show me his lovely clipped nails and tells me they are downstairs.  Laughing he goes downstairs to get them.  I tell  him " just forget it.  I am leaving for work."  Then he politely lets me know that it is his birthday.  Really he is going to pull that card out!  I finally clipped my toe nails this afternoon, and the clippers are back in MY drawer!

The girls and I made a cake and chicken tortilla soup this afternoon.  I found the recipe on pin last night.  It was yummy.  You can follow my pins and grab a copy of it.

Here is yet another picture of one of husbands birthday presents.  First let me tell you that he purchased each girl on his team one of these with their names on the back.  I thought it would be great for him to have on too. Hannah was so excited to have him match her.

Hope everyone has a great day.

The kids have a 1/2 day of school tomorrow due to finals.  We will probably be studying for the next final and doing any extra credit we can do.  I never really liked school when I was in it, but I really hate it now that I feel like I am repeating high school all over again.  This time I am actually doing the work and not getting away with doing nothing because I was an athlete.  Really times have changed.  I tell everyone that if it weren't for soccer I probably would have never graduated.

One more day and it TGIF!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 8

Blogging can get you in trouble!

 Seriously, I was almost down for the night, and started to catch up on my feeds when I came across a linky party, sorry I wish I could remember which blog it came from.  I am so working on keeping track of which blog to give credit for things.  Anyways this woman shows you how to clean out your dishwasher.  Well, I thought being that I think I keep a pretty clean house that mine should not be that bad.  Really, I was sooooo wrong.

I start by taking the spinning thing off, then the filter round thing under that.

  Scary right.  You should see the way I give driving directions.  Never know the name of the streets only landmarks. Heck down here in North Carolina, they 3 names for one street.

Back to the dishwasher, I take the grate thing off and then pop up the wholly thing at the bottom, which I later found out it does not come out.  I had it popped so I cleaned under it and around it hoping like heck I can put this piece back.

The gunk and smedgen (i dont think that is a word) Was so gross that I pulled a Hannah.  I was about to puke in my mouth.  I used tons of Clorox clean up and lots of soaking the parts that I took off.  I had to use the sprayer on the parts to get the black gunk off the crack and crevices.  I was way to embarrassed to take any pictures.  Trust me it was disgusting.

I had to take a tooth pick to the little holes in the grate thing, just so I could set it on the rinse cycle.

Rinse, repeat, Rinse, Repeat.   I swear I must have rinsed and wiped out 10 times.  Then I was told to ad vinegar and guess what comes next.....Rinse, Repeat. again and again.  Finally the machine was clean. I have so many button's on this dishwasher.  I even have a sanitize and anti bacteria button.  These buttons are going to be used once a week from here on out.

Now to put everything back together. I sat there starring at the bottom of the dishwasher wondering where this one piece was going to fit.  Don't you just hate extra parts :)  I finally figured it out, with help from my husband and we are back in business.

There will be allot more rinsing your dishes before you put them in the dishwasher at the Foster's home after tonight.

I was setting the coffee maker up for in the morning, and I told my husband that this was the next think I was going to clean out.  He announced HECK NO!  You are going to buy a new one before you do that.  We are coffee drinkers.  We drink the stuff morning, noon and night.  He would probably start smoking if I broke that.

I finished a really cool item for my husband for his birthday tomorrow, but I can't post it just yet.  He is a follower and I don't want to ruin it.  I will post the pictures tomorrow.  I know that he is a follower because this morning while I was in the shower he announced that he was replacing the empty toilet paper roll with a new one.  Then he tells me hey did you know that thing is a spring!  I laughed and of course said thank you.  This blogging thing just might help me around the house.  Who knew?

I did zumba in the morning  I was happy to start that up again.  It was really weird not doing it for three days.

Today on the news and in the papers (thanks Joann) there were reports of people who use these patches and lozenges are more likely to start back smoking within a year.  Really I felt like starting up today then.  I am going through all this only to start back up when I have to come of the patch.

Hope everyone has a great hump day.

 My hands and fingers are killing my form the combination of bleach and vinegar.

Monday, January 9, 2012


This was my day off for the month.

I was planning on cleaning my own house and got to nothing but the vacuuming.

I had a bunch of paper work to fill out for Kaitlyn, so I thought that I should tackle that first.  This took the majority of the day.  I had to go through all of her Dr.'s and diagnosis.  Wow I never really knew how many doctors and specialist I had taken her to in 15 years.  TONS.  When she first was diagnosed with autism I was determined to find that needle in the hay stack.  I went to Wake, Duke, UNC, High Point, Charlotte, Denver, Moorseville, Winston Salem.  I think that is about it.  I was hoping to find that one doctor that had a cure or the drive to find a cure.  In my travels there were several that I went back many times.  Unfortunately they all kind of shook their heads and said Ma'am the best thing for you is to find a way to live with this.  She is now 18 years old, and I think I have come to the same conclusion.  That's not to say if there was another doctor out there with a cure that I would be camping out in front of his office for a chance for Kaitlyn to be seen, but you kind of live with it.  I do so enjoy her young at heart spirit.  Heck I will have Santa for the rest of my life.  She is already talking about the Easter bunny.

Wow I really got off on a tangent on that one.

So today was rainy and cold.  I  made chicken soup for dinner tonight.  Had a tickle in my throat all day.  Have been felling really run down.  I am of course blaming it on the lack of nicotine.  Not that the holidays have just past and it was a whirlwind of events.

Still no cigarette today, but yes I wanted one.  Looking at all the past trials with kaitlyn, I really wanted on just to escape from that reality.  I didn't :)

Hope everyone has a great week.  Don't forget to leave me a comment and your email address if you would like to join me in the weight loss challenge.

Hope to post my valentine decorations soon.  I plan on linking up to several blogs. 

Weight Loss Healthy Challenge

Click on the title above to open document.

Any of my followers who would like to join me?  We can start this on next Monday:)

I will admin the challenge, so all you would have to do is email me with your points for the day!

Thanks to six sisters for sharing this one with the blogger world.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 7

This morning was crazy.  I had no time to even think about a cigarette. The minute my feet hit the floor, I was in the shower and off to the races.

I feel so bad that I have not worked out to Zunba in 3 days.  Ugh!  Time to get back into the routine.

Now for this morning.  First thing I had on my list of things to get done today was, visit my mom before she headed to church.  Had great coffee time with her and some laughs.

I was off to pick up Hannah from her overnight babysitting gig.  Can you believe that a 14 year old made 80 bucks, and it's not the first time?!  The new thing is for the babysitter to spend the night, so the parents don't have to worry about driving the sitter home after maybe some adult beverages were consumed.  I  would rather her spend the night there then have someone drive her home after they have been drinking.  I arrived at the house at 10:15 and then had to race home so I could get Kaitlyn to horseback riding lessons by 11:00.  Of course it took me 25 minutes to get home.

I left Kaitlyn's clothes out for her to get dressed and ready so when I got home she would be ready to go.  Those of you who have followed me for sometime know that Kaitlyn is autistic.  I was SHOCKED!  When I got home she was dressed and ready to go.  I couldn't believe my eyes - So proud of her!  She had a huge grin on her face.  She was so proud of herself.  Way to go Kaitlyn :)

I did my usual grocery shopping.  It was super doubles at Harris Teeter so I saved a bunch..  I ended up spending 148.33 and saved 271.74.  Crazy right.  I had 175.62 in coops and 23.75 in coops downloaded to my VIC card and 72.37 in Vic savings.  I don't think everyone knows that you can download coops to your VIC card.  This is a bonus and you should really take advantage of this.  Just log into your VIC card on line and under the tabs at the top find coupons.  Save to card any that would apply to you.  They do not double and expire.  Just log on before you leave the house to make sure you have saved what you think you need.  Keep in mind that you can only download one to your card, so if you are buying 3 of one item then it will only apply to one of the three items.

So husband has been working hard on the schedule for the 16U Charlotte Starz.  How crazy is that.....16U!  Wow where did the time go?!

I could not believe that amount of coops in this Sundays paper.  I bought 3 papers and had them spread all out on the living room floor while I was cutting them out.  It was a mess, and took my about an hour to cut and sort and file.  They are all out up nicely in by binder.

The only time I wanted a cigarette today was after eating and I have been doing a bunch of that!

I now have a Pinterest account.  I love it.  If you haven't tried it, you need to!
Just click on the link above and you can see all the great stuff on my pin boards.  I put my baby hat up there and have had 12 people re pin it already:):)

I am going to watch The Firm tonight.  A new series recommended by a friend.  Of course this is based on a movie my husband had to watch about  ten thousand times.  Along with all the Back to the Future and My Cousin Vinny!  It drives me nuts that he does that.  He can even tell you the lines before they even say them.

I will finishing the rest of the baby stuff tomorrow and then I will be getting ready for my husband's birthday which is in 3 days!

I am sure Leah and Hannah will want to make him a birthday banner like they did last year:)

Have a great Monday.  I am off to PIN!!!!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 7

It is getting harder not easier.  I stayed in bed until 10:30am.  I was afraid to wake up because I wanted a cigarette so bad.  Pretty bad when you don't want to face the day because of an addiction that is not good for you.

The best part of staying in bed was I was having the most incredible dream.  I met Seth Myers.  I was actually in New York City and in the audience of SNL.  OMG I was in the best of spirits when I woke up.  In my dream I even got a picture with him, and he signed a beverage napkin address to me:)  Yes I said beverage napkin, because in my deam after the show I hunted him down with husband in tow and found him at a bar that was behind the sets.

Then reality hit.  Had to take my husband, Hannah, and Leah (a Murray kid) to get his car so they could make it to a try out for our new team with the Charlotte Starz.  Coach Kelly Barbee is fielding a 10 U team.  His oldest. Walker is a catcher on my husband's team.  Shelby is his youngest and was our teams mascot this year.  Love this family and cannot wait for Shelby and her team mates to take the field, so our girls can cheer her on like she did for us last season.

I got to work the minute I got home.  Oh wait I never took a shower today,  Yuck I bet I have clumps of dirt in my ear, and who knows where.  I made 20 pillow boxes for my niece's baby shower. This post is going to be picture heavy!   I am so glad that the valentines candy is out now.  I am going to fill these up with the red and pink kisses.
  For those of you cricut owners.  I used the Wedding cartridge and cut the pillow box with shadow on and at 4 1/2 inches.  Then I took a stamp I picked up at the dollar section in target and stamped white card stock.  Then I simply used my cutter to get a straight cut and cut each stamp out.  I used pop dots and placed the tag on pillow box.

Then on to the picture album I bought at the dollar store.  My idea was to have each person that attends the baby shower that my mom is throwing her, write a little something on pastel 3x5 cards.  One for Teria and one for Calia.  Then I plan on using my trusty ATG  tape gun and tape the one for Teria on the front side and then the one for Calia on the other side.  Each person with have a section.
I plan on putting her DOB under her name.

I cut the card stock 4x6 so that when I place the 3x5 cards on them, they will have a border around them.

Then I made a new pocket book for myself.  It came from the dollar store also.  I cut my initial out using my gypsy.  I used the font on that came with my gypsy.  I used fuse-able webbing on the back before I cut it.  It makes the fabric stiffer and easier to cut.  Then I just ironed the T on.
 I was wanting a cigarette so bad today.  I dropped Hannah off at the home were she is babysitting tonight and it dawned on me that I didn't put a new patch on today.  The first thing I did when it got home was strip of my shirt in the kitchen to put a new patch on.  My husband of course thought that I had something else in mind, and while he was watching his TJ Yates and the Texans paly he paused the game and came rushing in the kitchen all smiles:)  UM  NO.  I still have way to much to do, and you are interrupting my nicotine jolt right now.

To top it off I did 3 loads of laundry, and changed all three bathrooms toilet paper rolls.  I swear this thing has a spring.  While you are sitting there, taking care of business and realize that you need a new roll, instead of putting the new roll on top of the empty roll...... Push the dang spring in and putt the new roll on the spindle!  Really!  I think that I need to have a How To Change The Toilet Roll 101 class at the Fosters home.

Off to watch my Detroit  Lions lose their lead in the playoffs and wait for SNL to come on!

Hope everyone has a peaceful Sunday.

Day 6


Sorry for this late post.  Friday was crazy.

I finally got to see the movie "I Don't Know How She Does It" -Loved it.  I watched it with my girls, and there was a part where Sarah Jessica Parker is singing a song that goes something like this....." I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck."  My girls jumped up and said "Hey mom you sing that to us."  I laughed and told them that their grandma sang it to me.  Kaitlyn tells me 'yep grandma has sang that song to me."  Love the simple little things that my mom has done for myself and my little brother and sister.  There were parts of this movie where I thought they were telling my story.   I loved the ending.  It was all about slowing down and enjoying the people in your life, rather than the things.

We all went to the Motorsport monster truck.  I was so proud of Taylor, the only girl in her class.  She finished next to last, but hung with the guys.  The way I was screaming and cheering you would've thought that it was my kid out there.  It was a bit crazy getting there.  I had to swing by my husbands work to pick him up  and then there was an accident on 77 that made us close to 30 minutes late.  We made it!  We watched Taylor ride from the pit seats.  I was waiting to tell her how proud of her I was, when the 4 wheeler race was going on and I swear I ate a mouth full of dirt clumps.  Needless to say after that we were gone.  The mud was spraying everywhere.  I don't mind getting dirty, but not like that.  My husband's face was priceless.With this being our first Monster truck thing, we were way over dressed for the occasion.

Hope everyone has a great weekend:) 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 5

I really miss the winter break.  I loved not having to pretty much sleep walk while making the morning coffee, and  lunches for the kids.

I did  not workout this morning:(  I woke up really sore from ripping wallpaper and painting last night.  Really!  When did this happen, I am getting old and cannot do the things I use to do with out hurting.  The extra weight I am carrying does not help either.

I found a blog that offered a 8 weeks challenge.  I printed a copy of it and going to start it next Monday.  You have to start on a Monday.  Just another thing I can keep you posted on.  Anyone want to join me just leave a comment and I will email you a copy the the challenge.

Still no cigarette.  I did reach in the pocket of my car door when driving off from my house today.  I had to laugh at myself.  Really I believe now that is was so routine for me to light up the second I get in my car.

My patients are still very short still.  Today I had to stop by the dollar store for a mug and monthly planner.  I was in line and the lady before me had all her stuff rung up and the cashier lost the sale.  Then they had to ring three bags of dollar stuff up again.  Now guess what happen, the cashier showed again no sale.  Finally the manager came inside from outside the front of the store (smoking a cigarette) to help this poor cashier and open her register.  So I take my 2 things and head to her register from the back, because  I was the next in line and could not get through all the people behind us.  When I reach the register the man at the end of the problem line sets his stuff real quick on the belt to get his items rung up before mine.  I cut my eyes at him and politely (smirking) told him that I will go first seems that I was next in line, then I told him he should really get a life.  After all was rung up I walked outside and laughed at my self so hard that tears were forming.  Really Tiff over dollar store items, your kidding me.  Scary! 

Tonight the girls and I bought one of those movies on demand form time Warner cable.  We had a movie night.  The movie for tonight was Dolphin Tale.  Oh my we were all crying a couple of times during the movie.  Hannah was so bad that she was still crying while we went up stairs to get ready for bed.  Showers and PJ's.

The phone rang, and it was my husband and the rent a car that he and his co-workers were driving broke down 50 miles away from home.  Guess who he calls.... Yes Graham Murray. I swear he probably hates getting calls from us:)  Then my husband tells me that they are waiting on the tow truck or something not really sure of what all he said, because in the same breath he told me that I might have to come and pick them up. Remember the girls and I just got our pj's on and are ready for bed.  I get dressed again and wait for the call.  I waited for 1 1/2 hour and decided to call him.  He tells me that they are trying to drive the car home.  They drove the car home minus 2 spark plugs firing.  I think that is what my husband told me.

I am really proud of him, no cigarette!

Tomorrow is Friday:):)  We are headed to the cricket arena to watch the Murray kids ride their dirt bikes in a race.  I know that they are excited, because just last night one of them asked me if I was going.  This is our family night for the week.

TGIF everyone!

WOW! Check this post out

For sometime now I have been blogging.  Mostly reading and searching others.  This year I was diving in and going to hang with the incredible bloggers out there.  I have allot of work to do!

I have followed this lady on blogger for sometime and didn't know that you need to sign up as a follower too!  So now I follow here.

The post I read was awesome.  Made my morning and I am now in EDIT mode.  She has been so nice in allowing me to share her new year post.

Thank you Diane so very much.

I will back tonight for day 5.....Husband just called and they are having car trouble with the rent a car, and are about 50 miles away from home.  I am on call to drive out and pick them up.  I bet he is craving a cigarette now!!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4

This is getting harder not easier!!! No cigarette today, lots of gum and tons of looking to make sure that patch thing is still on my arm:)

 Did the normal school morning routine.

 Girls out the door and I did my 30 minutes Zumba routine.  Dang I think I am actually getting better at the Zumba moves, not that I would do a work out in front of anyone yet.  I think I only tripped twice in 30 minutes:) I still had to stop and figure out which foot is lunging and stomping, but hey my recovery is getting quicker.

Ugh!!!  This morning my husband was rushing out the door to pick up 2 of his co-workers, and then out of town they go.  The worst part of this is we didn't even kiss goodbye:(  I hate to admit this, but I am a glass half empty girl.  So all day I kept thinking what the heck if something happens to him and we were so rushed that we didn't take a second to say I love you or Goodbye.

The other day Hannah had my radio on a country radio station, they were playing this song about slowing it down and enjoy things and come join him.  Well I would like to.  If any of my readers know what song I am talking about please comment so I can download this to my ipod.

.  Hannah was studying for finals that are next week.  She was so stressed that she couldn't even finished a sentence.  I put a stop to the cramming session and she was my shadow for the rest of the evening.  Hannah has problems with seizures.  Stress and anxiety are the triggers.  She helped me cook dinner.  We had tilapia (fish) for dinner.  This was going to be the first time she has had this type of fish.  The girls and I sat down to eat, Hannah put one bite in her mouth and was about to puke.  She puffed out her checks held her nose, and then tapped the table as she swallowed her piece of fish.  As soon as she could talk she said "mom I tap out."  Ok so what the heck is tap out.  She is laughing while she tells me she will not eat another bite.  I told her I was just happy she tried it.  Chicken nuggets went in the microwave, and she finally had dinner.

Off to pitching lessons.  They went ok.  We got to see another one of her teammates and her assistant coach.

Today I decided to keep myself busy by painting the girls bathroom.  Hannah was by my side.  It was really hard to get 2 people in a bathroom the size of a closet!  I know where they came up with the name water closet, MY KIDS BATHROOM!
Here we are in action.

Really how long  has this looked like this...UM 8 years.  Yes I am said to admit that, but wow!

Off comes the border.  It smelled so bad in there.  At first we kept accusing each other of passing gas.  Then we figured it out.  A combination of old wet wallpaper and a teenage athlete stinking feet!

Painting we go.  Love painters tape as you can tell.

Here is the almost finished room.  The towel I bought at target was my inspiration.  I am going to pick up another one and the hand towel tomorrow.  I still have pictures to hang.  I made one of those toilet paper star burst mirrors, and a picture that I am going to mod podge on one of those canvas frames I got a Ace Moore last week.  I will post the complete bathroom when done.

Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow.  Thursday.... One more day and the week is over!!!  

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 3

Happy Birthday to my Sister in law LYNN!  We love you very much, a whole lot (as Kaitlyn said)

Today was hard!  I am not going to say hardest, I am afraid  of what tomorrow is going to bring.
This morning I did the school morning routine, worked out with Zumba and then out to the garage, I load my car then get in turn the key and NOTHING!  Ugh my battery was dead.  I grab my trusty jump box, hook it to my battery and turn the key and....NOTHING!  I leave the charger on the battery and go back inside.  Oh I forgot to mention that today is the coldest day of the year so far.

  Now my client has texted me.  Great timing right?  So I inform her that I have not left yet and will be late.  I am the person that never believed in that fashionably late rule.  I am almost always 15 minutes early for everything.

Still no cigarette, put at this point I could have smoked 2 or 3.

Hubby finally makes it downstairs and I try my car again.  He dressed for the corporate world and now has to help me with my Jeep.  Hood is up and he is now popping something off the battery and pouring water in these little chambers.  Who knew that batteries take water.  If you never knew that, you just learned something today!  Yeah I love learning new things.

He is so sweet looks over at me, and slowly and sweetly says "are you ok?"  "I know you probably really want a cigarette."  Wow I must say.....MY HUSBAND ROCKS!  He is thinking of me when he is the one that is under the hood of my car trying so hard to stay grease free.  At this point I load my stuff in his car, and I drive him to work so I can have a car for today.  Still have to get to my clients home and then pick up the kids from school by 1:30.  One of the kids has a Dr.'s appointment at 3:15.

Now we have a family that are great friends.  We really are like one big family.  Graham Murray(the dad) owns his own auto shop here in Cornelius NC.  If you live in the area and ever need auto work he is the one to call.  His business is called Murray's Auto Works.  I grab my cell and call him on my way to my clients home.  I bet when he saw my number on his phone this early in the morning, something is wrong with my car. As usual he answer  with "What's up Tiff?"  Then lets me know he can get it done and even will stop by the house to jump my car to get it to his shop!  They live right down the street from us:)

I get my house done.  Head home and try to jump my car and..... It starts.  Of course I call Graham and let him  know I am on my way, and he even drives me back home.

Still no cigarette:))))  Pick up hubby at work.  My car is fixed. On the ride home hubby tells me he is having to go out of town tomorrow. There was an angel with me today.  I could have given up and smoked today.

Seem to be eating allot more than usual.

I have a few pictures of the project I have worked on the past 2 nights.  I need to stay busy so I don't think about smoking.  That just means allot of crafting is going to be done her at the Foster home!

Diaper cake for my niece Teria who is due in March.  Mom, my little sister, and I are throwing her a baby shower.

I also knitted a hat and blanket for my great Niece.
This is the hat that is the top of the diaper cake:)  This is the same style I made for my client who just had her baby, and put the hat on her at the hospital.  I did her's in gray with a pink flower.
Picture is not the best.  This is one of those double glass frames.  I cut the letters out of vinyl with my cricut.  This is for the woman that owns and runs Kaitlyn's Horse back riding therapy program.  Here's another plug. Sorry!  Anyone that has a special needs child or knows one, Calicos Haven in Huntersville NC is the place to go.  
Michelle is truly an angel.  She is so patient with the kids,  and the kids just love her.

Hope everyone has a great evening.  I am of to spend time with my hubby and watch some football.  GO BLUE!!!!!!