Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day ??

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Wow where have the days gone?  My mom always told me that time goes by faster as you get older and she was right!
I have not worked out all week.  That cross fit work-out did me in.  I would love to sit here and write about how great I have been doing with my work-out, but I can't.  I am the type of girl who keeps it real no matter how it makes me look.  Dang how I wish I was working out everyday and getting fit.  I want to be that trophy wife.  Ugh Is there a pill I can take to get there.

This weekend flew by.  I ordered pizza's for Kaitlyn and I Friday night.  Hubby was at a softball coaches clinic and was eating out with the other coaches.  Hannah was at her dad's for the weekend.  Kaitlyn and I had a pizza party UNTIL.  No lie, 15 minutes after eating a spinach Alfredo pizza I had it coming out both ends.  The party was over.  Husband had text me to see how we were doing and I textded him back DIEING.  I let him in on the pizza in between trips to the bathroom.  My Kaitlyn was taking care of her mommy until I puked in the trash can, because I couldn't make it to the bathroom.  I think her exact words were..:I'm out of here."  Husband made it home and was headed straight for the pizza.  I told  do not eat the white one and please take to the trash outside.  He saw the condition I was in and did not argue one bit!.  I am now on the couch and he fixes himself a salad, the smell of it made me puke again.  At that point he told me that it might be a good idea that I sleep in our sons room, he had to get up early to be back at the clinic in the morning.  There I lay dying!!!  Softball and my kids ability to deal with puke leaves it up to me.

Now that leads to me with a question.  Why is that when the mom of the family gets sick she is on her own, but when the kids and hubby gets sick she becomes a MD???  I made it through the night in Taylor's room.

The next day I force myself to get up take a shower after 2 naps lasting an hour each.  Poor Kaitlyn was just waiting on mommy to get better so we can do something.  I hop in the shower and off to wally world I got.  Then to trusty McD's to make it better for her.  I found some great deals at wally world.  Got hubby and kids their valentines gifts.  Oh yeah I picked one up for me, for the hubby to give me.  That's how it works at the Foster's house.  I pretty much buy my own gifts and set them a side for them to give me when the time is right.  I bought at mew Cricut cartridge :)  They had the light one's on sale for 20.00.  Oh how I wanted to load up, but this year I am really looking at my wants versus my needs.

I made chili YUM!  Yes I could smell food again, darn it.  I was hoping that would last longer then it did.

When hubby got home we popped popcorn and turned all the lights off and watched over the hedge.  Cute movie.  I of course stayed up to watch SNL.  Darn it a repeat.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday  

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