Sunday, January 22, 2012


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We bought a new car today.  I know I just got done saying that I was looking at my needs versus my wants.  Husbands car has 160,000 miles on it, and has been a really good car until now.  We love the Durango and it was a good car to us.  Last month my husband and son were coming home from his basketball practice and they hydro planed on 77N.  My husband was so scared that he truly thought that it was going to be far worse then it was.  They were skidding sideways going 70 miles per hour, he actually was at one point facing the wrong way on the interstate.  They were skidding and went into the median, grass flying everywhere.  At one point my husband held on to the wheel and told our son to hang on and duck. Thank goodness there was no guard rail, so they were able to slide about 1,500 feet sideways.  On top of all that he has been putting antifreeze in his car everyday before he drives it.  The air conditioner is not working, that really does not matter, it is really cold outside anyways.

last night my husband was on line and found a car he like at car max.  By 1:00 we were out the door with financing already in place and an appointment for us to see the car.  Off we go.  We had every intentions of  trading in the Durango for the 2011 Ford Expedition.  Well, we came home with the Expedition and the Durango.  The amount of money that they were willing to give us for the Durango was terrible.  Now I guess we will put her on Craigslist. He loves his new car.  Hannah gets home and she is getting her permit next month and cannot wait to drive it.  At first I thought that he was going to say no.  Right Tiff this is Hannah.  She did have a red Gatorade in her hand and he said  "not with that in your hand."  Off we go with Hannah behind the wheel of this boat.  She got to drive it before me...

This past summer sometime in September my hubby sold his boat.  That was a major deal.  He loved it, but with all the kids activities I think we got out on it 3 times this year, not really practical.  I think this maybe his way of getting his boat back:)

I get Kaitlyn in the tub and Hannah set and ready for her shower, come downstairs to start on the dinner dishes, my cell phone rings.  Hubby no where around.  It was him calling me from his sync thing in his car.  Really the man was out there in the cold rain playing in his car.  Oh my the boys and their toys.

The new year has really awakened me.  I have decided that loyalty among friends has seen it's days.  We truly live in a all for me society.  Crazy and really hard for me to come to grip with this idea.  I pride on myself on being a loyal friend no matter what.  I am stepping back and really trying to live the all for one and one for all life, and it is really hard.  Starting now I planning on turning the other way and making peace with this new way of life.
Yeah right I'll keep you posted on how this goes.  Anyone that knows me this is going to be harder then working out and trying to become that trophy wife.

Have a great week everyone

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