Sunday, April 22, 2012

Senior Night

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I have been busy with school ball this week and weekend.
I put on a benefit softball game, the post below tells everyone a little about it.  It went great and I had 2 weeks to pull it together.
Hopefully this will get bigger and bigger every year, and we can raise more money for the cause.
The girls were so great, they paired up with each other to create a gift basket for us to raffle off in between innings.  They were so proud of there baskets.  I hope that they learned how good it feels to make a difference for someone else, and have fun while doing it.

Now we have Senior night this week at our last home game.  I have created a couple of things to give to the girls.  We are also cooking out and having cake after the game.  I still have to run by Sams club and grab the stuff to grill out.  How I got stuck with this one is my inability to say NO.  I was really going to work on that this year.  I haven't gotten very far with that goal as you can see.

So this weekend I was a crafting, crafting, and crafting.  I found some flip flops at the dollar store and the band looked like I could turn them into laces of a softball.  I know scary how my brain works right. I painted the bands and then took a toothpick dipping it in red paint and painting every little grove.  Then I had to seal then and I used dimensional sealer.  They turned out great but I had to watch Transformers with my oldest last night and timed my painting of the red.  It took me an hour for just one pair.  It will be a while before I do that again.
Here is a picture of the flip flops.

Then I had a package of the canvas boxed frames.  So I found a print on pinterest and my hubby helped me create it in photo shop, and I printed them out on transfer paper and the ironed them on the canvas.  Well Hubby ironed them on because I burned 2.  Oh if you saw the mess ups and how I even got them done with out giving up, I will never know.  I painted the edges first and then hubby ironed them.  After all was done I found a better matching yellow paint color and had to repaint them all.  This time the print was on it and I had to be very careful not to mess it up.  Doing all this at 10:00 p.m.  Yes I worked on this stuff all day.
Here's a picture.

The picture frame I found at the dollar store while I was there to get the gift bags, and of course I had to pick one up for each girls.
I made my own gift tags and had my little one Freshman write a little something to each senior on a yellow 3x5 card and adhered it to the back side of the canvas.
Here is everything bagged and the gift tags ready to be tied:)
  Hope everyone has a great week!

Catching up!

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Really, I have been truly slack with my blog!

So much has happened from the last time I wrote anything.  I am going to try to get you updated in this post.

Easter came and went.  Wow!  We all went to my sisters house.  Her oldest just had a baby and was coming home 2 days before.  I remember when I had my first, I did not leave the house for anything other than Dr.appointments.  I was so overwhelmed.  We thought that it would be easier on everybody if we just had dinner at my sisters.  Her daughter and husband are living with her, so we were all together and it was wonderful.  So proud of my sister.  She was the type that would not have anything at here house,"to much work" she would say.  One year she was asked to bring a salad and a pie for Christmas eve dinner, she walked into my house with  bagged salad and a frozen pie.  I laugh just thinking about that Christmas eve.  She has come a long way! She loves to throw a party and really goes all out when she does.


Oh so little!

Hope everyone had a blessed Easter like our family did!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Turning it blue for Autism

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As most of you know My oldest is autistic.  This is something we do every April 2nd.


Here are a few of my new craft projects.....
This went out to all my kids teachers before spring break.  These little guys also go out to family and friends.  The printable came from another blogger. Thanks!

Now for my take on the red neck wine glass
I love that song Red Solo Cup.
 I have had to make 6 of these for family and friends already.  Hope to add this to the next craft sale.  Might just put a bow with a mini sharpie tied to it.

Today was a Monday for sure.  I stress out to go to my dentist appointment, only to find out it is next Monday.  Fine I jet to my clients house and get so wrapped up in organizing that I am there for 6 1/2 hours.  I get home and decided to cut the grass, only to find out that I have no gas, back out to get gas.  They are widening the road in front of our subdivision so it really wasn't quick.  I stopped by Home Depot and grabbed more potting soil.  
I cut the grass and planted our seedlings, picture tomorrow it is to dark out now for pictures.  Then I decide that we need to get the hot tub ready for the next season.  I am letting it drain over night only to clean it out tomorrow.
Kids are all farmed out for the next 2 days, and hubby is not feeling good and now I am sore I can barely move.  So frozen dinners tonight and on to watch basketball.  We are not even playing it it.  Carolina should have made it here for sure.
Posting pictures of hot tub and garden tomorrow.