Sunday, April 22, 2012

Catching up!

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Really, I have been truly slack with my blog!

So much has happened from the last time I wrote anything.  I am going to try to get you updated in this post.

Easter came and went.  Wow!  We all went to my sisters house.  Her oldest just had a baby and was coming home 2 days before.  I remember when I had my first, I did not leave the house for anything other than Dr.appointments.  I was so overwhelmed.  We thought that it would be easier on everybody if we just had dinner at my sisters.  Her daughter and husband are living with her, so we were all together and it was wonderful.  So proud of my sister.  She was the type that would not have anything at here house,"to much work" she would say.  One year she was asked to bring a salad and a pie for Christmas eve dinner, she walked into my house with  bagged salad and a frozen pie.  I laugh just thinking about that Christmas eve.  She has come a long way! She loves to throw a party and really goes all out when she does.


Oh so little!

Hope everyone had a blessed Easter like our family did!

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