Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just had to share this one!!!! This is my house, my husband, my kid!

Pin ItThis month, the Staunton News Leader, a newspaper in Virginia, ran an interesting story, headlined Parents driving coaches away from the game.  The story by Patrick Hite highlighted a troubling problem: talented youth sports coaches with a love of the game and a passion for teaching kids are no longer volunteering to serve.  Why?  As Covington High School science teacher and volunteer youth sports coach Rob Bennett said  in the article: "Why am I going to be miserable doing something I love to do and, for the most part, was pretty good at?" 

This month, the team at Responsible Sports asks: what can we, the community of Responsible Sport Parents, do to help reverse this trend?The answer may lie in the Positive Coaching Alliance principle of the Emotional Tank. 

With some parents complaining about playing time, requesting roster changes, and telling coaches how to do their jobs, while others heckle coaches and athletes from the stands, youth sports coaches from around the country are beleaguered and frustrated.  Are these the majority of youth sport parents?

    1. Meet the coach at the beginning of the season.

    Start the relationship off right by introducing yourself to the coach at the beginning of the season.  You’re not Luke’s Mom, you are Julie.  You are not Claudia’s Dad, you are Ryan.  Share with the coach why you’re excited about the upcoming season, what your child is looking forward to during the season, and reinforce that you’re committed to a great relationship with the coach.

    2. Offer to help.

    It’s not an easy job!  It might look like it from the sidelines or the stands, but trust us – it’s not!  Coaches spend countless hours with practice preparation, field, ice and gym time scheduling, sending out notices, directions and calling trees, organizing equipment, and dealing with administrators and league officials.  And all of this is in addition to their regular day jobs!  Offer to lend your coach a hand – even tackling just one of these tasks will make his or her life a bit easier.

    3. Fill the coach’s emotional tank during the season.

    We already know as Responsible Sport Parents, one of our jobs is to help fill our kid’s emotional tank.  (Remember: an emotional tank is like a car’s gas tank – when it’s full, a kid can go for miles.  But when it’s empty, it’s hard to go anywhere.)  But we all have emotional tanks – not just kids.  And our volunteer coaches need their emotional tanks to be full too.  Take the time to congratulate the coach on a good win.  Make a note to say something when the team executes a play that was beautifully drawn up by your coach.  Thank your coach for teaching your child a new skill and compliment him or her on helping your child acquire that new skill.  Practice the same fundamentals with your coach that you use with your athlete: truthful, specific feedback.

    4. Honor and respect the relationship between your child and her coach.

    Imagine a situation at work where a colleague was unhappy with your contribution to the team presentation.  Instead of talking to you about it, your colleague complained directly to the boss.  Boy, you’d be steamed!  That’s what it feels like when a parent addresses issues with a coach before a child has taken the first – and appropriate step – to address it with the coach directly.  Empower your children to own the relationships between them and their coaches and to talk to the coach if they feel like they aren’t getting enough playing time or about their desire to play a different position.

    5. Say thank you at the end of the season.

    We all know that a simple thank you goes a long way.  Sometimes we  get busy and  forget to say thank you.  But try to remember and take the time.  Shake the coaches’ hands after the last game and the last practice to say thank you.  Tell them what you were thankful for.  Let them know you appreciated all they did this season.  Consider writing a note to the coach afterward.  Or even better, a note to the league administrator praising the  coach.  Consider getting your league to use the free Season Evaluation survey tool with all of your team parents to give the coach feedback from everyone. 
The saying ‘It takes a village’ is of course true for youth sports.  In order to have the life learning experience we seek for our children, we need enough players for a team, an opponent, officials and of course coaches.  If we want an outstanding youth sports experience for our children, we need to take the steps we can to help keep quality, passionate, knowledgeable coaches in the game and working with our kids.  It might not seem like a lot, but the smallest actions can help improve the situation and hopefully can help reverse the trend.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Feb 22nd

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Wow.  I am going strong this time.  I still have not had a cigarette:)  I wanted one maybe 3 times today, but I stayed strong.  I figure with the money I am saving not smoking, I can sign up for cross fit or maybe buy some more crafting supplies:)  I really don't need anymore projects right now.

So yesterday I delivered all the flyer's for the Charlotte Starz but 2 schools.  They were all so very nice.  Yesterday was a teacher work day so there were no children in school.  I think you know where I am going with this..  Yes the staff were so happy to be at work that day.

This morning we had to meet with Hannah's teacher to discuss ways we can help her at home with test anxiety.

Then from there I delivered the last 2 schools.  I made it to my clients home and the mom and baby were home.  My buddy the little girl that lives at that house was at pre school.  I was really bummed that my little chatter box shadow was not home today.  I would love to have her for a weekend.  Her mommy told me that she has been asking if she can have a sleepover at Miss Tiff's house.  Gosh I think that when my body finally give out I want to be a pre-school teacher.

My hubby just got an email about the clinic (flyer's) that the Charlotte Starz are putting on.  I jumped up chest out and told him it was the flyer's.  He had 2 schools to do, I had the rest.  The hubby said I bet it is from one of my schools.  Yeah whatever, we all know that it is from one of mine.  I cannot find out until later, he is helping Hannah with her slope intercept.  The y and x in math stuff.  Really!

Tonight he had his conference call for you guessed it softball.  I am getting the kids set for bed and ready to start homework, when I hear him say "let me check with Tiff on that."  Great what the heck now.  The BBQ banners need to be put up and the date I cut out in vinyl changed.  They are done and have to pat my own back for putting the date on the banner in vinyl.  I just peeled it off and got my handy Cricut out and they are done and ready to go:)  Ok let me do the happy dance.  The hubby looks at me and lets me know that one of the other coach on the team is going to be dropping another banner off to him at work for me to do!!  Really. Will it ever end????

Today I also got approved for Kaitlyn and I to have a table at the 2nd Annual Mallard Creek High School vendor sale.  Kaitlyn makes jewelry and sells them at local craft shows.  She is in the OCS program at Hough High School and they have to have hours of work and volunteer to graduate.  50% of her sales goes to Calico Haven.  She ride there in a type of therapy called hippo therapy.  The other 50% goes back to her for supplies.  I am also going to set up a table with some of my stuff.  Kaitlyn will get credit and earn some money and I am there helping her while I sell my crafts.   She loves doing these craft events.  I love it because she not sitting in her room watching TV, Play Video Games, and on her Computer.  Yes the child does these thing all at once.

Hannah gets to have her hair highlighted for the first time.  My mom is giving her a complete hair cut style and high lights for her birthday. We are that family that goes to great clips and of course uses a coupon.  The dye job for myself and Kaitlyn was also bought with a coupon:)  She is so excited to actually go to a salon and get her hair washed, colored, cut and styled.  It made me think WOW she has never had this treatment.  I am very happy for her.  I know that most girls her age (15) have probably already had this done, but I guess we just choose to spend the money on other things than this type of stuff.  The best part of this is that we still are not spending money on this:):)

Tomorrow I am delivering the order that I posted pictures of last week.  Cha Ching for me:)

Hope everyone has a great day.  One more day closer to Friday:)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Feb 20th

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So far so good.  One day and counting:)

Today the kids were out of school and I still had to work.  Lots of running around to do.  That is really bad seems that gas prices just keep climbing.

I picked up the flyer's for Hannah's softball team.  This is way cool for the girls, they get to coach the younger girls that would like to go further in softball.  The girls get to coach 8 year old girls how to play the game.  Hannah and Leah will also be able to count this towards their community service hours that they need to graduate.  Yes the are only freshman, but it never to early to start collecting them.  Tomorrow I get to work and then drive around to 6 different elementary schools to drop off flyer's that will go out to 2nd and 3rd grade girls.  The girls are so excited.

I walked today with my neighbor and awesome friend Jo!

My poor regular walking buddy has a sinus infection, and Kaitlyn does too.  Kaitlyn's pediatrician rocks.  Kaitlyn gets a sinus infection every year around this time.  Shoot maybe even twice a year.  The last time we were in the Dr.'s office she wrote us a script with a bunch more than the 10 days worth.  So I grabbed the back up and now we are on our first day of antibiotics.

If you live in the Charlotte area and have a little one that would love to learn how to play some really good softball check this link out.  You can sign her up on line.
Oh yeah I forgot to mention that the little ones will also be working with NSA.  And get to compete against other teams from the Salisbury area team.
North Carolina NSA

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday.  I am off to pin:)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Feb 19th

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Here we go again.  I have been almost 9 hours cigarette free:)

I have figured out that the quit line free patches do no work.  The up and up (target) brand work for me.

Yesterday I watched a 5 year old girl for one of my clients.  It was allot of fun.  Kaitlyn had a blast with a friend here for the weekend.  We started the afternoon off with a trip to Target to get St. Patty day socks that we needed for our wreath we were making.  I ran into another one of my clients with her two boys, and she wanted to know when I wanted hers:)  We left and went to Harris Teeter for some snacks and to check out Red Box for any new movies.  No such luck, everything was gone:(  That's what happens when they predict a possible snow in Charlotte.  It snowed for all of 2 minutes, sleeted for 30 minutes and now just left with COLD RAIN.

We then headed off to the dollar store.  Each girl had 3 dollars.  So they both get up to the register and Kaitlyn tells Maddie that she is going to need more than the 3 dollars she has for the 3 things in her hand.  Then she proceeded to tell Maddie that she has to pay taxes on the stuff she has.  I was in shock.  I let her keep telling her and listening in a aww.  She was explaining to Maddie that the house her mommy has, that her mommy has to pay taxes on that too.  Crazy right.  I asked Kaitlyn were she learned that.  She told me in school mom.  Wow so hats of to the OCS program at Hough High School.

Now to stop by Papa Johns grab the pizza and head home.  Yep Hubby is still at the computer working on softball stuff.  Really to be a volunteer coach!!  The other day on the news here there was this lady that sued her sons youth football coach because he got a concision.  I called him on his way home from work telling him about it.  He informed me that let them sue we don't have anything they want.  Ugh just the thought of that made my stomach flip.  I swear if things don't get any better in youth sports there just may not be any!

The girls and I get home and eat pizza and Maddie and I start our wreath.  She was so cute trying to cut the socks, and stretching the socks really far to get it around the form we bought at the dollar store.  Here is how it turned out.  She was so proud of herself.  I think I had as much fun as she did.

This is so super easy to make.   Take 6 pair of socks that we found in the dollar section of target, cut the toe and heel off.  Then simple cut a slit in your form (dollar store) and stretch the socks over the form and bunch them as you go.  The ribbon on top was a bow (set of 3) we found a the dollar store.

Now it was getting late and Kaitlyn had us watch the Transformer movie from 1986.  You know the cartoon full length moive.  UGH!  I showed Maddie how to knit a baby hat on the Kniffty Knitter.  
Here is her hat she knitted (sewed as she called it) for her American girl doll.

Not bad!!

Now Sunday here in the Carolina's it was cold and rainy.  I worked on an order I had from my Etsy store.
Here are a few pictures 

A total of 11 candles and

2 wet wipe covers.

I even got paid for watching Maddie:)  Crazy right.  Kaitlyn loved having her here and she is so good with Kaitlyn.

Hope everyone has a great week.  I am walking starting Monday no matter what.

Friday, February 17, 2012

A New Start

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Well I have been a  smoker for the past week.  I wish I could say differently, but no such thing.  I plan on starting over again this weekend.  This time I hope to stick to it.

  Crazy, but when I smoke the back of my throat is killing me only on the left side.  I have been chewing so much gum that my jaw is popping all the time.  This is pretty scary only because about 1 year ago I had to have a bi-opsy of my tongue.  Yes the oral surgeon numbed my tongue and then sliced a piece along the edge of my tongue.  The tests all came back negative, but they wanted me to quit smoking and come back in 3 months.  I have not had much success with any type of medical procedures, so I choose not to go back.  Now that I have quit and started back up and the same side of my throat in question is hurting, I need to make another appointment.  I am one of those who if I were ever told that I have cancer I might just opt out of the whole cemo thing.  I have seen to many people go through tons of treatments and get sick and then just leave earth that much quicker.  I think that it seems to speed up the process.  Most would think that I am be selfish but I think that I am not going to speed up the process and have less time with my kids.

Today was a gorgeous day.  This morning I felt like I lived in forks.  The fog was incredible.  I had to wear sunglasses and squint through the fog.  Crazy!  Then the sun came out and it was just so peaceful.  I picked up the kids from school and really wanted to go for a walk, but I fell asleep with Kaitlyn in her room.  I have been so tired lately.  I use to think that it was do to not smoking but now I cannot blame it on that.

The little friend that Kaitlyn was going to spend the night never ended up coming.  She is kind of sad, so I am really glad that I am baby sitting this sweet little girls on Saturday so that Kaitlyn will think that she has a friend spending the night.

This weekend is going to be cold and rainy, I hope to get my big order of candles and baby wipe covers done.  My vinyl finally came in and I am very excited to get back to crafting.  I have finished another baby hat and I am really trying to knock some of those out.  I need to work on ladies hat so that mom and I can get to local hospital for the cancer patients.

Hope everyone has a great weekend:)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Learners Permit

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This weekend we were all together as a family.  We went out to dinner to celebrate Hannah's birthday.  Thank goodness for call ahead seating.  Outback steak house was packed.  My child has very expensive taste.  Of course she asked if I had any coupons before we left.  We arrived there and I ran into one of my clients, they had been waiting for 40 minutes for a table with a 1 1/2 year old.  Ugh!  The hostess tell us it will be a 12 minute wait.  Hubby and I look at each other and both look down at our watches.  LOL!  Really 12 minutes, but guess what....  It really was 12 minutes.  We were both looking at our watches went oh it's 12 minutes and not a second later does our little beeping thing goes off.  way to go Outback:)

Yesterday was Hannah's 15th birthday.  She has had try outs for High School Softball this week and the list of names of who made it just happens to have to be on her birthday.  Ok wow what a major stress-er for her.  So this is her account... The Murray Mom drops the kids off in the morning and I do the pick up.  Anyways Leah (yes of course a Murray kid) and Hannah  head to where the posting is going to be.  They look at the list for Varsity and Junior Varsity.  They are both Freshman and you would think that they would head to JV list, Nope they know better.  Hannah said they were reading the list and Leah's name is there and she keeps going down the list until finally she sees her name.  She told me that she was whispering to Leah. "really, really."  They found her name.  She said a weight was lifted.  They high fived and went to class.  So what a great Birthday for Hannah:)  I bring her bat bag with me when I pick up the other kids.  Hannah came to the car with her head up and a smile so big on her face.  That was the first time I have seen so much confidence in a long time.  She is not really enjoying High School and cannot wait for this year to end.

Now remember it is her 15th birthday.  She can now get her learners permit:)  We talked about it the night before and she was set to go get it.  What a great Birthday present right!  During the day she had texted me and and told me to bring her bat bag when I come to pick up her sister.  I of course asked why.  She is afraid of failing the test.  We had a few more text then her lunch was over and I told her it was up to her. Yep she went to practice.  When she got home from practice she grabbed her drivers book and started studying the thing again.  At this point I am so worried that she is going to stress about this that she may have one of her anxiety seizures.  I let her no she has 30 days from today to take the test.  We have a law in North Carolina that you must get a letter from your school that states that you're in school and working towards graduating.  The paper expires in 30 days.  I tell her go to bed and we will face this tomorrow.

Today.... Thank goodness for rain.  Her practice was cancelled and when I picked her up from school she said she was ready to go.  Great!  We hop on the interstate and are halfway to the DMV and she asks me if I grabbed the paper work we needed.  I laugh and turn the car around, back to the house to get the paper work.  Dang she knows her mom all to well.  The DMV closes it doors at 4:30 and it is now 3:15 when we leave the house for the second time. Ugh at this point I tell her do not drive like mommy is driving!

  We flew to the DMV and she got her number and we only wait for minutes.  That seemed like that longest 5 minutes.  Her hands are sweating.  I am trying to lighten the mood and make her laugh.  They call her number and we get Sheriff I hate my job and doesn't really want to be here.  She can tell along with me.  I am trying to be as kind as I can to make this fat desk DMV guy lighten up.  Now for the eye test.  She misses one sign but was close enough that I think he gave it to her.  Then the eye test.  She passed that with a little hesitation so now I am thinking that it's time for an eye exam.  Now on to the test.  I am sitting in these little desk like seats watching her go and take the test.  I guess the computer tells you when you get a question wrong, becuase her face went from scared to I want to cry in a second.  Ok now time for mom to go outside and have a cigarette.    

Yes I am a smoker again. I come back in and wait were I am out of her sight.  Then it happens she comes around to find me and whispers "I passed"  At this point if I could do cartwheels in this waiting room I would.
Stay cool mom.  Then time for her picture and we are ready to go.  I get out the door and raise my hand to the sky and give a little shout.  Then I give her the keys and tell her ok you're driving home.  Can you believe that she was afraid to drive home.  I drove until we were off the interstate and pullover over and TOLD her you are driving home form here.  We made it.  Her face was just glowing, and scared at the same time.

We get home and she has texted and called everyone.  Then she ask "do you need to go anywhere, because I can drive."  I reply, "Fine would like to drive to Leah's house and show her your permit?"  You guessed it we were in the car and ready to go when I looked over at her and she could barely see over the steering wheel.  I run back in the house and grab a throw pillow off the couch and she smiles and tells me.."wow mom this is so much better, on the way home I really couldn't see, I was just kind of guessing."  I smile and think what the heck have I gotten myself into.  Thank goodness for throw pillows:)

Tomorrow is Friday and it couldn't come any sooner.  I have a special needs friend of Kaitlyn spending the night. Then I am babysitting for one of my clients little girl on Saturday and she is spending the night.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


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Sorry I know it has been a while for me to post anything.

I am now starting back to Day 1 tomorrow.  Yep Last night I had my first cigarette in 5 weeks.  I am going to do it this time.

Last night my daughters grandmother was hospitalized for bronchitis. She was in tears and I hopped in the car and drove to Concord NC to the hospital.  So glad I did because she felt much better when we left.

 We have been dealing with allot here at home.  I think that when you and your spouse stop smoking it puts such a strain on your marriage.  I now remember why we start back smoking every year.  I am ready to pack the husbands stuff up and set it on the front porch!!!!

The girls and I have been having a blast together.  I have pretty much lived in my sons room, and the girls rooms.  We have been laughing and dancing.  You name it.  Without smoking I have had more time to do the fun stuff with my girls.

Ok, now I have decided that when you share your frustrations with others that it effects them.  I hate it!  Crazy but when you are always negative and you are constantly complaining, it effects the person who is lending that ear.  Really I wonder if there ever has been a study on that.  If not they can use me as the case study.  I am so thankful for that ear, yes you know who you are and I am grateful.  I wish that my issues would have not become yours.

Now as for the weight loss and diet.  The girls and I are rocking it out.  Hannah and I have been walking every afternoon.

  I even got a friend that lives in are sub and our kids have gone to school with each other sense elementary school.  She is following my blog and has been a great walking buddy.  She has all boys and I love listening to how a mom of boys has to be this strong dominate den mother.  A mother of a girl has to be this gentle loving drama dealing with queen bee.

 After I think about it I wonder how the heck my mom did it with my sister and I.   Dang we still call her with our drama.

So My baby will get her drivers permit in 6 days.  Really, am I really getting that old.  Where did the time go?

Goodnight to all and I will promise to post more again.  I think that this is my outlet and I need it now more then ever!!