Sunday, February 19, 2012

Feb 19th

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Here we go again.  I have been almost 9 hours cigarette free:)

I have figured out that the quit line free patches do no work.  The up and up (target) brand work for me.

Yesterday I watched a 5 year old girl for one of my clients.  It was allot of fun.  Kaitlyn had a blast with a friend here for the weekend.  We started the afternoon off with a trip to Target to get St. Patty day socks that we needed for our wreath we were making.  I ran into another one of my clients with her two boys, and she wanted to know when I wanted hers:)  We left and went to Harris Teeter for some snacks and to check out Red Box for any new movies.  No such luck, everything was gone:(  That's what happens when they predict a possible snow in Charlotte.  It snowed for all of 2 minutes, sleeted for 30 minutes and now just left with COLD RAIN.

We then headed off to the dollar store.  Each girl had 3 dollars.  So they both get up to the register and Kaitlyn tells Maddie that she is going to need more than the 3 dollars she has for the 3 things in her hand.  Then she proceeded to tell Maddie that she has to pay taxes on the stuff she has.  I was in shock.  I let her keep telling her and listening in a aww.  She was explaining to Maddie that the house her mommy has, that her mommy has to pay taxes on that too.  Crazy right.  I asked Kaitlyn were she learned that.  She told me in school mom.  Wow so hats of to the OCS program at Hough High School.

Now to stop by Papa Johns grab the pizza and head home.  Yep Hubby is still at the computer working on softball stuff.  Really to be a volunteer coach!!  The other day on the news here there was this lady that sued her sons youth football coach because he got a concision.  I called him on his way home from work telling him about it.  He informed me that let them sue we don't have anything they want.  Ugh just the thought of that made my stomach flip.  I swear if things don't get any better in youth sports there just may not be any!

The girls and I get home and eat pizza and Maddie and I start our wreath.  She was so cute trying to cut the socks, and stretching the socks really far to get it around the form we bought at the dollar store.  Here is how it turned out.  She was so proud of herself.  I think I had as much fun as she did.

This is so super easy to make.   Take 6 pair of socks that we found in the dollar section of target, cut the toe and heel off.  Then simple cut a slit in your form (dollar store) and stretch the socks over the form and bunch them as you go.  The ribbon on top was a bow (set of 3) we found a the dollar store.

Now it was getting late and Kaitlyn had us watch the Transformer movie from 1986.  You know the cartoon full length moive.  UGH!  I showed Maddie how to knit a baby hat on the Kniffty Knitter.  
Here is her hat she knitted (sewed as she called it) for her American girl doll.

Not bad!!

Now Sunday here in the Carolina's it was cold and rainy.  I worked on an order I had from my Etsy store.
Here are a few pictures 

A total of 11 candles and

2 wet wipe covers.

I even got paid for watching Maddie:)  Crazy right.  Kaitlyn loved having her here and she is so good with Kaitlyn.

Hope everyone has a great week.  I am walking starting Monday no matter what.

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