Monday, February 20, 2012

Feb 20th

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So far so good.  One day and counting:)

Today the kids were out of school and I still had to work.  Lots of running around to do.  That is really bad seems that gas prices just keep climbing.

I picked up the flyer's for Hannah's softball team.  This is way cool for the girls, they get to coach the younger girls that would like to go further in softball.  The girls get to coach 8 year old girls how to play the game.  Hannah and Leah will also be able to count this towards their community service hours that they need to graduate.  Yes the are only freshman, but it never to early to start collecting them.  Tomorrow I get to work and then drive around to 6 different elementary schools to drop off flyer's that will go out to 2nd and 3rd grade girls.  The girls are so excited.

I walked today with my neighbor and awesome friend Jo!

My poor regular walking buddy has a sinus infection, and Kaitlyn does too.  Kaitlyn's pediatrician rocks.  Kaitlyn gets a sinus infection every year around this time.  Shoot maybe even twice a year.  The last time we were in the Dr.'s office she wrote us a script with a bunch more than the 10 days worth.  So I grabbed the back up and now we are on our first day of antibiotics.

If you live in the Charlotte area and have a little one that would love to learn how to play some really good softball check this link out.  You can sign her up on line.
Oh yeah I forgot to mention that the little ones will also be working with NSA.  And get to compete against other teams from the Salisbury area team.
North Carolina NSA

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday.  I am off to pin:)

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