Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Feb 22nd

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Wow.  I am going strong this time.  I still have not had a cigarette:)  I wanted one maybe 3 times today, but I stayed strong.  I figure with the money I am saving not smoking, I can sign up for cross fit or maybe buy some more crafting supplies:)  I really don't need anymore projects right now.

So yesterday I delivered all the flyer's for the Charlotte Starz but 2 schools.  They were all so very nice.  Yesterday was a teacher work day so there were no children in school.  I think you know where I am going with this..  Yes the staff were so happy to be at work that day.

This morning we had to meet with Hannah's teacher to discuss ways we can help her at home with test anxiety.

Then from there I delivered the last 2 schools.  I made it to my clients home and the mom and baby were home.  My buddy the little girl that lives at that house was at pre school.  I was really bummed that my little chatter box shadow was not home today.  I would love to have her for a weekend.  Her mommy told me that she has been asking if she can have a sleepover at Miss Tiff's house.  Gosh I think that when my body finally give out I want to be a pre-school teacher.

My hubby just got an email about the clinic (flyer's) that the Charlotte Starz are putting on.  I jumped up chest out and told him it was the flyer's.  He had 2 schools to do, I had the rest.  The hubby said I bet it is from one of my schools.  Yeah whatever, we all know that it is from one of mine.  I cannot find out until later, he is helping Hannah with her slope intercept.  The y and x in math stuff.  Really!

Tonight he had his conference call for you guessed it softball.  I am getting the kids set for bed and ready to start homework, when I hear him say "let me check with Tiff on that."  Great what the heck now.  The BBQ banners need to be put up and the date I cut out in vinyl changed.  They are done and have to pat my own back for putting the date on the banner in vinyl.  I just peeled it off and got my handy Cricut out and they are done and ready to go:)  Ok let me do the happy dance.  The hubby looks at me and lets me know that one of the other coach on the team is going to be dropping another banner off to him at work for me to do!!  Really. Will it ever end????

Today I also got approved for Kaitlyn and I to have a table at the 2nd Annual Mallard Creek High School vendor sale.  Kaitlyn makes jewelry and sells them at local craft shows.  She is in the OCS program at Hough High School and they have to have hours of work and volunteer to graduate.  50% of her sales goes to Calico Haven.  She ride there in a type of therapy called hippo therapy.  The other 50% goes back to her for supplies.  I am also going to set up a table with some of my stuff.  Kaitlyn will get credit and earn some money and I am there helping her while I sell my crafts.   She loves doing these craft events.  I love it because she not sitting in her room watching TV, Play Video Games, and on her Computer.  Yes the child does these thing all at once.

Hannah gets to have her hair highlighted for the first time.  My mom is giving her a complete hair cut style and high lights for her birthday. We are that family that goes to great clips and of course uses a coupon.  The dye job for myself and Kaitlyn was also bought with a coupon:)  She is so excited to actually go to a salon and get her hair washed, colored, cut and styled.  It made me think WOW she has never had this treatment.  I am very happy for her.  I know that most girls her age (15) have probably already had this done, but I guess we just choose to spend the money on other things than this type of stuff.  The best part of this is that we still are not spending money on this:):)

Tomorrow I am delivering the order that I posted pictures of last week.  Cha Ching for me:)

Hope everyone has a great day.  One more day closer to Friday:)

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