Friday, February 17, 2012

A New Start

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Well I have been a  smoker for the past week.  I wish I could say differently, but no such thing.  I plan on starting over again this weekend.  This time I hope to stick to it.

  Crazy, but when I smoke the back of my throat is killing me only on the left side.  I have been chewing so much gum that my jaw is popping all the time.  This is pretty scary only because about 1 year ago I had to have a bi-opsy of my tongue.  Yes the oral surgeon numbed my tongue and then sliced a piece along the edge of my tongue.  The tests all came back negative, but they wanted me to quit smoking and come back in 3 months.  I have not had much success with any type of medical procedures, so I choose not to go back.  Now that I have quit and started back up and the same side of my throat in question is hurting, I need to make another appointment.  I am one of those who if I were ever told that I have cancer I might just opt out of the whole cemo thing.  I have seen to many people go through tons of treatments and get sick and then just leave earth that much quicker.  I think that it seems to speed up the process.  Most would think that I am be selfish but I think that I am not going to speed up the process and have less time with my kids.

Today was a gorgeous day.  This morning I felt like I lived in forks.  The fog was incredible.  I had to wear sunglasses and squint through the fog.  Crazy!  Then the sun came out and it was just so peaceful.  I picked up the kids from school and really wanted to go for a walk, but I fell asleep with Kaitlyn in her room.  I have been so tired lately.  I use to think that it was do to not smoking but now I cannot blame it on that.

The little friend that Kaitlyn was going to spend the night never ended up coming.  She is kind of sad, so I am really glad that I am baby sitting this sweet little girls on Saturday so that Kaitlyn will think that she has a friend spending the night.

This weekend is going to be cold and rainy, I hope to get my big order of candles and baby wipe covers done.  My vinyl finally came in and I am very excited to get back to crafting.  I have finished another baby hat and I am really trying to knock some of those out.  I need to work on ladies hat so that mom and I can get to local hospital for the cancer patients.

Hope everyone has a great weekend:)

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