Thursday, February 9, 2012


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Sorry I know it has been a while for me to post anything.

I am now starting back to Day 1 tomorrow.  Yep Last night I had my first cigarette in 5 weeks.  I am going to do it this time.

Last night my daughters grandmother was hospitalized for bronchitis. She was in tears and I hopped in the car and drove to Concord NC to the hospital.  So glad I did because she felt much better when we left.

 We have been dealing with allot here at home.  I think that when you and your spouse stop smoking it puts such a strain on your marriage.  I now remember why we start back smoking every year.  I am ready to pack the husbands stuff up and set it on the front porch!!!!

The girls and I have been having a blast together.  I have pretty much lived in my sons room, and the girls rooms.  We have been laughing and dancing.  You name it.  Without smoking I have had more time to do the fun stuff with my girls.

Ok, now I have decided that when you share your frustrations with others that it effects them.  I hate it!  Crazy but when you are always negative and you are constantly complaining, it effects the person who is lending that ear.  Really I wonder if there ever has been a study on that.  If not they can use me as the case study.  I am so thankful for that ear, yes you know who you are and I am grateful.  I wish that my issues would have not become yours.

Now as for the weight loss and diet.  The girls and I are rocking it out.  Hannah and I have been walking every afternoon.

  I even got a friend that lives in are sub and our kids have gone to school with each other sense elementary school.  She is following my blog and has been a great walking buddy.  She has all boys and I love listening to how a mom of boys has to be this strong dominate den mother.  A mother of a girl has to be this gentle loving drama dealing with queen bee.

 After I think about it I wonder how the heck my mom did it with my sister and I.   Dang we still call her with our drama.

So My baby will get her drivers permit in 6 days.  Really, am I really getting that old.  Where did the time go?

Goodnight to all and I will promise to post more again.  I think that this is my outlet and I need it now more then ever!!

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