Monday, April 2, 2012

Turning it blue for Autism

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As most of you know My oldest is autistic.  This is something we do every April 2nd.


Here are a few of my new craft projects.....
This went out to all my kids teachers before spring break.  These little guys also go out to family and friends.  The printable came from another blogger. Thanks!

Now for my take on the red neck wine glass
I love that song Red Solo Cup.
 I have had to make 6 of these for family and friends already.  Hope to add this to the next craft sale.  Might just put a bow with a mini sharpie tied to it.

Today was a Monday for sure.  I stress out to go to my dentist appointment, only to find out it is next Monday.  Fine I jet to my clients house and get so wrapped up in organizing that I am there for 6 1/2 hours.  I get home and decided to cut the grass, only to find out that I have no gas, back out to get gas.  They are widening the road in front of our subdivision so it really wasn't quick.  I stopped by Home Depot and grabbed more potting soil.  
I cut the grass and planted our seedlings, picture tomorrow it is to dark out now for pictures.  Then I decide that we need to get the hot tub ready for the next season.  I am letting it drain over night only to clean it out tomorrow.
Kids are all farmed out for the next 2 days, and hubby is not feeling good and now I am sore I can barely move.  So frozen dinners tonight and on to watch basketball.  We are not even playing it it.  Carolina should have made it here for sure.
Posting pictures of hot tub and garden tomorrow.

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