Thursday, January 19, 2012

Finals Over!

Woo Hoo!

Finals are finally over.

  Today the girls didn't have to go to school.  All of their teachers told them that it was a make up or if you have to many absents you have to come.  The girls stayed home.  Of course I get a call from the school to send in a note to excuse them from school.  Really, tomorrow is the same thing.

Monday they are to make up a day. There was a power outage and they had to cancel school.  Now on Monday the hours are 7:15-10:15.  They want me to send my kids to school for 3 hours to make up for a whole day missed. I work and cannot provide transportation for them home.  Now the girls will have a 5 day weekend.   Dang we should have planned a mini vacation.

Today the girls and I had a great time.  We had a list of things that I needed to get done.  We stopped by IKEA.  Hannah had decorated her bedroom 3 times while walking through the massive store.

Hubby was really grouchy this morning.  I left for work as soon as I could.  Then while I was out and about I get a text from him, telling me he was sorry for how nasty he was this morning.  Awesome!  When youe husband is humble enough to apologize for his action it is a good day.

I am no longer sore :)  I really would like to start CrossFit, but wow the price is really high.  I think I may ask for something towards my membership for Valentines day.

Today I had an order for 20 of my mailboxes on my Etsy store.  The girls and I were out when I got the email.  When we got home I knew what my evening was going to look like.  They are ready to ship and will be off tomorrow.

This evening I made my first video tutorial.  I hope to upload it tomorrow night.  I think I had to turn the video recorder off 100 times.  There was one point that I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants.  How crazy is that.  I finally got myself together and finished it.  I hope to share it with you tomorrow.

I joined quit now.  This is an online help program for people that want to quit smoking,  I even get a months worth of my patches, just for joining.

Going to be rainy this weekend, so maybe I could get my house cleaned.


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