Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 13

No Cigarette and still married!  I swear I am losing it lately.

My patients are very thin with the man lately.  I feel like my world is caving in on me, really why the heck can't he fix it.  Really he is the husband and that is his job.

Softball is close to getting full swing now.  For me this means I am a (single) married woman.  After typing this out, I guess it will not be any different than it is now.  Thank goodness I don't have the grass to cut yet :)  I am really working on trying to be that girl with her glass half full.

Really sore today.  Walking up and down the stairs is such a chore.  I have to support myself when I try to sit on the potty.  I am juiced up on Omega 3's vitamin B12 and C, oh and lets not forget Aleve.  Oh my goodness, for those of you who don't know what I do for a living I clean houses.  The house I had today was all wood floors.  Instead of getting up off my knees to  move around while cleaning the floors, I crawled.  Yes once I was down I was staying down.

We have one more day of finals!  I cannot wait.  Lat night we were studying world history.  Steve is quizzing Hannah on somebody name Carl Marks.  I guess this guy founded communism.  Of course I answered with the guy that tap dances and was in black and white.  No wrong, Steve informs me that I was talking about Grouch o Marks.  See I knew there was a Marks in it.  You guessed it at that point he took it over.

Tonight was sports and entertainment marketing.  I was great.  She is so ready.  I would've rocked this class if they had it when I was in High School.  WAIT!  I am in High School again and not doing any better in history then I did the first time :)

I went to step 2 of the patch and I am not sure I was ready for that move.

We live on a street that is in the process of being winding, and it is awful.  I could walk faster than I can drive on the road.  There have been so many fender benders.  I think in a weeks time I have seen 3.  I wonder how many I haven't seen.  I do have to say "my brakes are really good on the Jeep."  I have come close to kissing the back end of a few cars myself.

Back to the step 2 with the patch.  I think I used my horn the last couple of days more than I have the whole time I have owned my Jeep.  Here's the deal, if everyone would just think like me I would be allot happier.

Today I stopped by the ATM and while getting my card back it slipped out of my hand and landed on the ground in between my car and the ATM Machine.  I open my door to try to fit between my car door and the ATM right.  20LBS. over weight and I am going to try to fit in the space the size of my foot.  Well, that didn't happen.  Looking all crazy trying to fit in this really little space and trying to get half of my body back in the car, a car pulls up.  I get my hand out the widow motion my pointy finger to tell them to wait I have to get my card off the ground.  Thank goodness the lady pretty much saw the whole thing and knew what I needed to do.  Yep I had to bend down sore thighs and all.  To top it off I have been really trying to dress somewhat normal these days.  I used to wear my work clothes (torn up sweat and a bleached out t-shirt) everywhere.  So I go to bend down to get my card praying I can get back up and I have jeans on.  I swear the new cut of jeans these days they do not allow someone to bend down without mooning anyone.  So there I am with I am sure the crack of my bottom showing and I am getting up in slow motion.  I guess I just wanted to make sure she saw everything.  That was my trip to the ATM.

I am off to bed so that I can face another smoke free day!

Hope everyone has a great hump day:)

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