Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 12

Still no cigarette.  It is getting easier.  Jaw is really hurting from all the gum I have been chewing.  Steve is eating way to many lozenges.  He is actually spending more money on those than both of us combined were on cigarettes. Really?  I am almost to a point where we just should start back if quitting is costing more than actually smoking.

  I haven't gotten on the scale in awhile.  Really scared to see what it will say.  I am eating like crazy.  I need to hit the grocery store for tons of veggies.  I think I might just do that.  Cut a bunch up, so when I am hungry I am not popping chips, candy and cookies in my mouth.

Today I went to cross-fit in Davidson.

Wow it was awesome.  I took my Hannah with me.  She now wants to join too.  Thank you Paul for explaining everything, and you were so patient.  Hannah and I got there and Paul introduced the program to me.  Here is how he explained it.  Paul first drew 3 circles joining together and a little circle in the center that connects the 3 is cross fit.  The three circles are body builders, runners, gymnastics.  Each one of these circles the people in them are really good at their one specialty.  Cross-fit wants you to be good (not really good) in all three.

We start with squats.  Paul has me squat really keeping my mind on my spine.  I lower my body with shoulders tall, not leaning over to keep my balance, but allowing my spin to do the work.  I think that I was working on the my back fat.  Yes I said back fat.  I never really wanted to use those two words to describe me.. UGH!

Now on to the conduit pole.  I now am doing lift squats.  I start with the pole resting on my my chest, elbows up and the pole sitting on the tip of my fingers.  I lower my body keeping my weight centered and lift up with the bar still sitting on my finger tips.  I did ok with this one.  I was trying to not drop the bar.  Now Paul shows me a shut the car door move.  Think of yourself  with your hands full and you are trying to shut the car door with no hands.  Hey push your butt out and shut the door with your butt.  Oh I got that one right away.  Now more squats but this time it is shut the door (butt pop out) and down as low as I can go.

3rd move is the pop squat.  I bend at my knees slightly and pop up while lifting the conduit pole over my head, and while the bar is over my head I squeeze my shoulder blades together.  That took some time to get.  I was afraid of hitting my face with the bar on my way up.  Paul assured me that I was only going to hit my face once.  Great, but lets not make it today.

Then on to a block.  Ok this thing is a little bigger than the step stool you have in the bathrooms for your kids to reach the sink to brush their teeth.  Paul sets it down in front of me and tells me to hop up on top of it with both feet at the same time.  Really not a problem.  Oh my goodness.  What the heck, I was afraid to do it.  Paul has me placing one foot at a time then get both of them on top.  Now I have to pop down.  Nope can't do that either.  Now I have to do this one foot at a time too.  Now I look at Paul and tell him really I can do this.  I must have looked like an idiot.  Arms swinging back and forth, I looked like I was ready to do the long jump..  Ready to jump and I can't.  Really!  Paul is very patient because I must have stood there with my arms swinging for a good minute.  Darn the block won, so one foot at a time it is.  Then I guess because I couldn't get the little step, he brings out the big block.  One foot at a time and I really have to swing my arms just to get up on top of the block.

Now on to this rowing machine.  I have to pull with my arms and legs.  There are numbers on this machine I have to get to 150 and the other number has to stay within 2:15.

Great I am done.  Wrong!  Paul looks at me and grabs a 6lb ball.  He brings me over to this wall with 2 lines painted on it.  I have to squat and pop up throwing the ball on my way up, throwing the ball to the line painted on the wall.  Ok good I am done right?!?!  NO

Next we move to where the big weights are.  He has me grab the bar and squat like I did the very second one he showed me.  I am doing good.  Paul looks at me and asks me how about some weight? NO!  Thanks but that is where I draw the line.  I will add them gradually.

Now Paul tells me I am to squat #1 15 times, then squat #2 while holding the weight bar 15 times, then pop squats 15 times, then hop stepping on the block 15 times, now the rowing to 2:15.  Then Paul tell me that after those 15 reps he wants 12 reps and after the 12 reps he wants 9.

I wanted to crawl out of there.  My legs were like rubber bands that had just been pulled out so far that it was trying to go back to it's little shape again,

I came home and now I love ALEVE!

This is my hard week. Now I am so sore that I can only hope to get this week over.

I loved the cross-fit idea.  I could really see myself with the washboard abs.  I now have to figure out how I can fit it in my schedule.

Finals week still going on.

Hannah has been studying world history all day.  It was MLK day and the kids were out of school, so she has had a day to study.  Steve is quizzing Hannah until she cannot keep her eyes open.

Good luck girls on your finals tomorrow.

My Aunt is not doing well.  She was given the Micheal Jackson drug while they have her in a medical induced comma and she is on a breathing tube and feeding tube.  This is all because of her contracting a viral form of pneumonia.

I enjoyed the time I got to spend with my mom.  How funny it is that when I was young, I didn't like the talks. Now that I am in my 40's I want more.  I love hearing stories of her childhood, the stuff she wouldn't share with me when I was young.  I love to find out how much I actually got away with.  I would tell her a story and she would be really surprised.  I would laugh and think dang Tiff you really did get away with that one.  Loved it, and want more times like that!!!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday.

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