Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 9

Happy Birthday to my husband!

The girls, Hannah and Leah (Murray kid), did their usual banner.

They do this every year.  Leah tried putting our last name on the S T E V E.  Oops Foster has one more letter than Steve.  So here is how she added the R.  Last year it was a snow day and Leah had spent the night.  They had it up for him when he woke up.  This year they put this together while studying for finals.

Yes!  Finals! It is finals week here and we are studying like crazy.  Hannah has been studying to a point that she wakes up and looks like a zombie.  Good luck girls!  I found a print that I put on Hannah's mirror so that when she woke up she would see it.

She loved it and was in pretty good spirits today.  I guess I will have to go back on pin and find another one for her for tomorrow.

Here is the picture of the gift that I couldn't share with you yesterday.

This in one of the dollar store mugs. I used my SCUT and Cricut to cut the Houston Texans logo and letters out of vinyl.  Then I arranged the vinyl on the transfer tape before adhering it to the mug. He is using it now.  Then Hannah bought him this.
She babysat Saturday night and used her babysitting money to get this shipped Fed Ex for her Stevie.
We are a blended family and he is her step dad.  Her dad is very active in her life, but you would never know that Steve is her step dad.  Those two are like peas in a pod.  He coaches her in softball, and they are always together.  This weekend they are going to a USC-Upstate team softball camp.

I know that some of you are scratching your heads right now, why the Texans? I thought they lived in North Carolina?  We are huge Tar Heel fans.  My husband went to the University of North Carolina in the late 80's.  We had purchased Carolina Football tickets for 8 years now.  Yes I said HAD.  This year we will not purchase season tickets.  The new chancellor, Holden Thorp (AKA "Doogie Houser"), has handled the football scandal like an idiot.  We are making our point with our wallets.

OK, back to the Texan's stuff.  TJ Yates was our (UNC) quarterback for 4 years.  He was drafted in the 5th round in the NFL.  He is the Texan's 3rd string quarterback.  The other quarterbacks for the Texans are hurt, and he has brought them to the second round of the playoffs!
He is the first UNC quarterback to play [quarterback] in the NFL.  We are so happy for him.  Now are house is chanting "Go Texans and TJ!"

Did my Zumba routine this morning.  Hannah did some last night and she was on medium, so of course I thought I could try medium too.  Oh my Gosh, my heart was racing and pulsating.  I had to stop and actually stood there for a second wondering is this it?  Am I having a heart attack while looking ridiculous trying to do these Zumba moves.  I gathered myself and went back to the usual routine.

Yes, I laughed at myself after that but really could you just see the headlines....Woman dies of a heart attack while doing Zumba.

No cigarette for both of us today.

Oh I have to share another story with you.  We all woke up and were wishing happy birthdays and all smiles.  I was looking for the nail clippers for a couple of days, and in my panic over having a heart attack doing Zumba, I found them on Hannah's dresser.  I grabbed them and placed them on the vanity in our bathroom.  I had to take a shower in the girls bathroom because the husband made it in our shower before me.  I get out of the girls shower and head to our bathroom to grab the clippers.  They are not there.  I of course say "where the heck are the clippers I just put up here?"  The birthday boy smiles at me and holds both hands up to show me his lovely clipped nails and tells me they are downstairs.  Laughing he goes downstairs to get them.  I tell  him " just forget it.  I am leaving for work."  Then he politely lets me know that it is his birthday.  Really he is going to pull that card out!  I finally clipped my toe nails this afternoon, and the clippers are back in MY drawer!

The girls and I made a cake and chicken tortilla soup this afternoon.  I found the recipe on pin last night.  It was yummy.  You can follow my pins and grab a copy of it.

Here is yet another picture of one of husbands birthday presents.  First let me tell you that he purchased each girl on his team one of these with their names on the back.  I thought it would be great for him to have on too. Hannah was so excited to have him match her.

Hope everyone has a great day.

The kids have a 1/2 day of school tomorrow due to finals.  We will probably be studying for the next final and doing any extra credit we can do.  I never really liked school when I was in it, but I really hate it now that I feel like I am repeating high school all over again.  This time I am actually doing the work and not getting away with doing nothing because I was an athlete.  Really times have changed.  I tell everyone that if it weren't for soccer I probably would have never graduated.

One more day and it TGIF!

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  1. Those mugs came out great! I bet he loved them! Thanks for linking up to my party!