Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 3

Happy Birthday to my Sister in law LYNN!  We love you very much, a whole lot (as Kaitlyn said)

Today was hard!  I am not going to say hardest, I am afraid  of what tomorrow is going to bring.
This morning I did the school morning routine, worked out with Zumba and then out to the garage, I load my car then get in turn the key and NOTHING!  Ugh my battery was dead.  I grab my trusty jump box, hook it to my battery and turn the key and....NOTHING!  I leave the charger on the battery and go back inside.  Oh I forgot to mention that today is the coldest day of the year so far.

  Now my client has texted me.  Great timing right?  So I inform her that I have not left yet and will be late.  I am the person that never believed in that fashionably late rule.  I am almost always 15 minutes early for everything.

Still no cigarette, put at this point I could have smoked 2 or 3.

Hubby finally makes it downstairs and I try my car again.  He dressed for the corporate world and now has to help me with my Jeep.  Hood is up and he is now popping something off the battery and pouring water in these little chambers.  Who knew that batteries take water.  If you never knew that, you just learned something today!  Yeah I love learning new things.

He is so sweet looks over at me, and slowly and sweetly says "are you ok?"  "I know you probably really want a cigarette."  Wow I must say.....MY HUSBAND ROCKS!  He is thinking of me when he is the one that is under the hood of my car trying so hard to stay grease free.  At this point I load my stuff in his car, and I drive him to work so I can have a car for today.  Still have to get to my clients home and then pick up the kids from school by 1:30.  One of the kids has a Dr.'s appointment at 3:15.

Now we have a family that are great friends.  We really are like one big family.  Graham Murray(the dad) owns his own auto shop here in Cornelius NC.  If you live in the area and ever need auto work he is the one to call.  His business is called Murray's Auto Works.  I grab my cell and call him on my way to my clients home.  I bet when he saw my number on his phone this early in the morning, something is wrong with my car. As usual he answer  with "What's up Tiff?"  Then lets me know he can get it done and even will stop by the house to jump my car to get it to his shop!  They live right down the street from us:)

I get my house done.  Head home and try to jump my car and..... It starts.  Of course I call Graham and let him  know I am on my way, and he even drives me back home.

Still no cigarette:))))  Pick up hubby at work.  My car is fixed. On the ride home hubby tells me he is having to go out of town tomorrow. There was an angel with me today.  I could have given up and smoked today.

Seem to be eating allot more than usual.

I have a few pictures of the project I have worked on the past 2 nights.  I need to stay busy so I don't think about smoking.  That just means allot of crafting is going to be done her at the Foster home!

Diaper cake for my niece Teria who is due in March.  Mom, my little sister, and I are throwing her a baby shower.

I also knitted a hat and blanket for my great Niece.
This is the hat that is the top of the diaper cake:)  This is the same style I made for my client who just had her baby, and put the hat on her at the hospital.  I did her's in gray with a pink flower.
Picture is not the best.  This is one of those double glass frames.  I cut the letters out of vinyl with my cricut.  This is for the woman that owns and runs Kaitlyn's Horse back riding therapy program.  Here's another plug. Sorry!  Anyone that has a special needs child or knows one, Calicos Haven in Huntersville NC is the place to go.  
Michelle is truly an angel.  She is so patient with the kids,  and the kids just love her.

Hope everyone has a great evening.  I am of to spend time with my hubby and watch some football.  GO BLUE!!!!!! 


  1. Tiff - You and Steve are doing great! I know that this time you will succeed at finally giving up on the vice so many know and love!

    Oh I love the hats and blankets! Now I know who to commission for all of my baby gifts! How much time do you need and do you do any personalization? I have a shower gift this month! Not sure of the date! I must have those for my gift!

    Keep up the great work! You are awesome and I am so glad I know and love you!

  2. Lynn
    At the rate I am going with not smoking, and trying to keep myself busy. I would only need a days notice. Just let me know what color scheme to go with. I can add it to my etsy store.