Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2

Yeah to us!
  Hubby and I have gone 2 days without smoking and without killing each other:)  There have been times that's for sure.  We snap at each other and then laugh at the thought that something so nasty and bad for you has controlled us for many many years.
I cannot believe how easy it is with this patch.  I picked a box up at target New Years Eve.  I am on my second day of step one.  I am hoping that going to stage two and then NONE will be as easy as this seems to be.

Today I actually did a Zumba easy workout!  I think it was easy due to the fact that I woke up did my school day routine....Made lunches, Dressed Kaitlyn and got her ready for school, hustled  Hannah my teenage girl who changes 3 times before walking out the door.  I really needed my morning cigarette by the time they were out the door.  What better to do then Zumba instead of a cigarette.
Wow I was a really good dancer in my teens and early twenties.  What the heck happened.  I am really getting old.  If my husband wanted to be really cruel hercould have video taped me!  Really we probably would have won Americas Funniest Home Video.  I am sticking to it no matter how ridiculous I look.

I saw Allie a 3 day old baby girl today.  Her older brother Bare (4) was home today too!  I had so much fun with him today.  I clean his mom and dad's house for them.  He is normally at school so I don't get to see him much.  Santa brought him the Xbox connect.  I laughed so hard watching a 4 year old playing football.  His "hut hut" was really low.  Then he had to run in place.  It made me feel allot better of how I might have looked doing my Zumba!
I have taken up knitting.  I am really enjoying the loom.  Provo craft makes it. I swear in need stock in that company. Santa brought my 2nd oldest Kelsey one for Christmas.  She is knitting so many hats.  Spent the night at her BF's New Years Eve and knitted the whole time:)   Anyways I made Allie a hat before she was born and her Mom and Dad brought it with them to the hospital.  She wore it her first day!  Wow what an incredible feeling.  I was told that the nurses were going crazy over the hat and told Allie's mom that I should talk to the woman down it the gift shop and see if she would sell them there.  I think I might just see if she would like to sell my hats?!?!?!

Wow what a great start to 2012.  I have wanted to really concentrate on my crafts this year.  I think this is a sign:)  Yes I am one of those girls....I look for signs in everything and everywhere.  It is so bad my husband will even say "Oh it must be a sign right?"

Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow, I am off to read Kate a book before bed.  It is really windy here in Charlotte, so I am sure that she is going to be in Hannah's or our bed by morning.

I will keep you posted on Day 3.

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