Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4

This is getting harder not easier!!! No cigarette today, lots of gum and tons of looking to make sure that patch thing is still on my arm:)

 Did the normal school morning routine.

 Girls out the door and I did my 30 minutes Zumba routine.  Dang I think I am actually getting better at the Zumba moves, not that I would do a work out in front of anyone yet.  I think I only tripped twice in 30 minutes:) I still had to stop and figure out which foot is lunging and stomping, but hey my recovery is getting quicker.

Ugh!!!  This morning my husband was rushing out the door to pick up 2 of his co-workers, and then out of town they go.  The worst part of this is we didn't even kiss goodbye:(  I hate to admit this, but I am a glass half empty girl.  So all day I kept thinking what the heck if something happens to him and we were so rushed that we didn't take a second to say I love you or Goodbye.

The other day Hannah had my radio on a country radio station, they were playing this song about slowing it down and enjoy things and come join him.  Well I would like to.  If any of my readers know what song I am talking about please comment so I can download this to my ipod.

.  Hannah was studying for finals that are next week.  She was so stressed that she couldn't even finished a sentence.  I put a stop to the cramming session and she was my shadow for the rest of the evening.  Hannah has problems with seizures.  Stress and anxiety are the triggers.  She helped me cook dinner.  We had tilapia (fish) for dinner.  This was going to be the first time she has had this type of fish.  The girls and I sat down to eat, Hannah put one bite in her mouth and was about to puke.  She puffed out her checks held her nose, and then tapped the table as she swallowed her piece of fish.  As soon as she could talk she said "mom I tap out."  Ok so what the heck is tap out.  She is laughing while she tells me she will not eat another bite.  I told her I was just happy she tried it.  Chicken nuggets went in the microwave, and she finally had dinner.

Off to pitching lessons.  They went ok.  We got to see another one of her teammates and her assistant coach.

Today I decided to keep myself busy by painting the girls bathroom.  Hannah was by my side.  It was really hard to get 2 people in a bathroom the size of a closet!  I know where they came up with the name water closet, MY KIDS BATHROOM!
Here we are in action.

Really how long  has this looked like this...UM 8 years.  Yes I am said to admit that, but wow!

Off comes the border.  It smelled so bad in there.  At first we kept accusing each other of passing gas.  Then we figured it out.  A combination of old wet wallpaper and a teenage athlete stinking feet!

Painting we go.  Love painters tape as you can tell.

Here is the almost finished room.  The towel I bought at target was my inspiration.  I am going to pick up another one and the hand towel tomorrow.  I still have pictures to hang.  I made one of those toilet paper star burst mirrors, and a picture that I am going to mod podge on one of those canvas frames I got a Ace Moore last week.  I will post the complete bathroom when done.

Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow.  Thursday.... One more day and the week is over!!!  


  1. Hi Tiffanie-

    Thanks so much for connecting with me. Of course you can share the link here on your site.

    Looks like you had fun removing the border and painting. The bathroom came out great. It is amazing what a little elbow grease and some paint can do. Huge difference.

    My best- Diane

  2. It's very pretty, normally I am not a fan of purple, but this is very nice. Have you considered painting your vanity white?

  3. Janet
    Yes I thought the same thing. I am afraid. I think after walking in a couple of more times, I might get the courage :)