Thursday, January 5, 2012

WOW! Check this post out

For sometime now I have been blogging.  Mostly reading and searching others.  This year I was diving in and going to hang with the incredible bloggers out there.  I have allot of work to do!

I have followed this lady on blogger for sometime and didn't know that you need to sign up as a follower too!  So now I follow here.

The post I read was awesome.  Made my morning and I am now in EDIT mode.  She has been so nice in allowing me to share her new year post.

Thank you Diane so very much.

I will back tonight for day 5.....Husband just called and they are having car trouble with the rent a car, and are about 50 miles away from home.  I am on call to drive out and pick them up.  I bet he is craving a cigarette now!!!!

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