Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 5

I really miss the winter break.  I loved not having to pretty much sleep walk while making the morning coffee, and  lunches for the kids.

I did  not workout this morning:(  I woke up really sore from ripping wallpaper and painting last night.  Really!  When did this happen, I am getting old and cannot do the things I use to do with out hurting.  The extra weight I am carrying does not help either.

I found a blog that offered a 8 weeks challenge.  I printed a copy of it and going to start it next Monday.  You have to start on a Monday.  Just another thing I can keep you posted on.  Anyone want to join me just leave a comment and I will email you a copy the the challenge.

Still no cigarette.  I did reach in the pocket of my car door when driving off from my house today.  I had to laugh at myself.  Really I believe now that is was so routine for me to light up the second I get in my car.

My patients are still very short still.  Today I had to stop by the dollar store for a mug and monthly planner.  I was in line and the lady before me had all her stuff rung up and the cashier lost the sale.  Then they had to ring three bags of dollar stuff up again.  Now guess what happen, the cashier showed again no sale.  Finally the manager came inside from outside the front of the store (smoking a cigarette) to help this poor cashier and open her register.  So I take my 2 things and head to her register from the back, because  I was the next in line and could not get through all the people behind us.  When I reach the register the man at the end of the problem line sets his stuff real quick on the belt to get his items rung up before mine.  I cut my eyes at him and politely (smirking) told him that I will go first seems that I was next in line, then I told him he should really get a life.  After all was rung up I walked outside and laughed at my self so hard that tears were forming.  Really Tiff over dollar store items, your kidding me.  Scary! 

Tonight the girls and I bought one of those movies on demand form time Warner cable.  We had a movie night.  The movie for tonight was Dolphin Tale.  Oh my we were all crying a couple of times during the movie.  Hannah was so bad that she was still crying while we went up stairs to get ready for bed.  Showers and PJ's.

The phone rang, and it was my husband and the rent a car that he and his co-workers were driving broke down 50 miles away from home.  Guess who he calls.... Yes Graham Murray. I swear he probably hates getting calls from us:)  Then my husband tells me that they are waiting on the tow truck or something not really sure of what all he said, because in the same breath he told me that I might have to come and pick them up. Remember the girls and I just got our pj's on and are ready for bed.  I get dressed again and wait for the call.  I waited for 1 1/2 hour and decided to call him.  He tells me that they are trying to drive the car home.  They drove the car home minus 2 spark plugs firing.  I think that is what my husband told me.

I am really proud of him, no cigarette!

Tomorrow is Friday:):)  We are headed to the cricket arena to watch the Murray kids ride their dirt bikes in a race.  I know that they are excited, because just last night one of them asked me if I was going.  This is our family night for the week.

TGIF everyone!

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  1. Don't feel bad!! I have gone off on the cashier for saying "I am open now" and taking the people behind me first! Excuse me!! It is "I am available for the next person in line"!

    Has nothing to do with lack of nicotine...has to do with common courtesy!