Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 7

It is getting harder not easier.  I stayed in bed until 10:30am.  I was afraid to wake up because I wanted a cigarette so bad.  Pretty bad when you don't want to face the day because of an addiction that is not good for you.

The best part of staying in bed was I was having the most incredible dream.  I met Seth Myers.  I was actually in New York City and in the audience of SNL.  OMG I was in the best of spirits when I woke up.  In my dream I even got a picture with him, and he signed a beverage napkin address to me:)  Yes I said beverage napkin, because in my deam after the show I hunted him down with husband in tow and found him at a bar that was behind the sets.

Then reality hit.  Had to take my husband, Hannah, and Leah (a Murray kid) to get his car so they could make it to a try out for our new team with the Charlotte Starz.  Coach Kelly Barbee is fielding a 10 U team.  His oldest. Walker is a catcher on my husband's team.  Shelby is his youngest and was our teams mascot this year.  Love this family and cannot wait for Shelby and her team mates to take the field, so our girls can cheer her on like she did for us last season.

I got to work the minute I got home.  Oh wait I never took a shower today,  Yuck I bet I have clumps of dirt in my ear, and who knows where.  I made 20 pillow boxes for my niece's baby shower. This post is going to be picture heavy!   I am so glad that the valentines candy is out now.  I am going to fill these up with the red and pink kisses.
  For those of you cricut owners.  I used the Wedding cartridge and cut the pillow box with shadow on and at 4 1/2 inches.  Then I took a stamp I picked up at the dollar section in target and stamped white card stock.  Then I simply used my cutter to get a straight cut and cut each stamp out.  I used pop dots and placed the tag on pillow box.

Then on to the picture album I bought at the dollar store.  My idea was to have each person that attends the baby shower that my mom is throwing her, write a little something on pastel 3x5 cards.  One for Teria and one for Calia.  Then I plan on using my trusty ATG  tape gun and tape the one for Teria on the front side and then the one for Calia on the other side.  Each person with have a section.
I plan on putting her DOB under her name.

I cut the card stock 4x6 so that when I place the 3x5 cards on them, they will have a border around them.

Then I made a new pocket book for myself.  It came from the dollar store also.  I cut my initial out using my gypsy.  I used the font on that came with my gypsy.  I used fuse-able webbing on the back before I cut it.  It makes the fabric stiffer and easier to cut.  Then I just ironed the T on.
 I was wanting a cigarette so bad today.  I dropped Hannah off at the home were she is babysitting tonight and it dawned on me that I didn't put a new patch on today.  The first thing I did when it got home was strip of my shirt in the kitchen to put a new patch on.  My husband of course thought that I had something else in mind, and while he was watching his TJ Yates and the Texans paly he paused the game and came rushing in the kitchen all smiles:)  UM  NO.  I still have way to much to do, and you are interrupting my nicotine jolt right now.

To top it off I did 3 loads of laundry, and changed all three bathrooms toilet paper rolls.  I swear this thing has a spring.  While you are sitting there, taking care of business and realize that you need a new roll, instead of putting the new roll on top of the empty roll...... Push the dang spring in and putt the new roll on the spindle!  Really!  I think that I need to have a How To Change The Toilet Roll 101 class at the Fosters home.

Off to watch my Detroit  Lions lose their lead in the playoffs and wait for SNL to come on!

Hope everyone has a peaceful Sunday.

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