Friday, June 24, 2011

Wow. It is Foster Folleys!

Today we have the cousins at our house.  So with or four and we add two cousins that makes a half dozen kids!

Getting supper on was a chore.  Love my crock pot and the new Philadelpha cream cheese cooking sauces.  Tonight was chicken alfredo.  Dropped 6 chicken breast in crockpot and add 2 tubs of the new sauces, and a jar of alfredo sauce.  Steam brocolli and add to the crockpot. 

Had to cook off two boxes of pasta and used a half of loaf of bread for garlic toast.  Then slap 6 salads together.

How cute after dinner was served and the kids ate.  My little niece gets up and shows me hear plate, so that she can be excused.  I used to make my kids show me their plates before they were excused form the dinner table.  My kids are now 17,15,14,14.  I don't have to do that anymore, they clean their plates and want more.  Well, we all made a big deal about or baby cousin cleaning her plate, and then asking to be excused:)
Getting ready to go far a walk with the kids.  Oops!  It's now kickball in the backyard.

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