Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crafty ideas for front porch

I made a few things for the front porch.

First I have tons of mason jars. I wrapped yarn around the jar and then took kyron white spray paint and painted it. Waited for it to dry and then pulled the yarn off. Now when I light the tea light inside the light glows through the unpainted areas.

Second I took an old frebreeze candle I had popped out the wick and the little wax left. Cleaned it really good, then took brown vinyl and cut it out with my cricut. I purchased a small path light and took the top off and set in on top the of candle. Now I have a light with no flame.

Third I used red,blue, and white card stock and made a bunting. I used my cricut (team sports cart.)and some 4th of July printables. I cut them out and then took clear contact paper and cut the pendant a 1/4 size bigger and covered it so when it rains the paper will not be ruined.

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