Friday, June 17, 2011

Storms have come and gone

We live in the Carolina's and pop up thunderstorms are a nightly occurance lately. We had some really bad storms come thru this month. Do to all the damage we have had to replace our patio table. It was glass and the unbrella was pulled up and came crashing down on the glass top. I had to take a flat head screwdriver to get all the little pieces of glass out of the slats in the wood. Then it rined our hot tub cover, so had to order a new one. UGH! I can honestly say when it rains it pours!

We have gotten really good with the chain saw. Lost allot of trees this year:( (see photo) New hot tub cover is here, after draining and cleaning it. We had to fill and drain it 3 times to get all the debrie out of the jets.....We are now able to use our hot tub. Now the temps are in the 90's. Really wow wants in now?!?!

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