Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 8

Blogging can get you in trouble!

 Seriously, I was almost down for the night, and started to catch up on my feeds when I came across a linky party, sorry I wish I could remember which blog it came from.  I am so working on keeping track of which blog to give credit for things.  Anyways this woman shows you how to clean out your dishwasher.  Well, I thought being that I think I keep a pretty clean house that mine should not be that bad.  Really, I was sooooo wrong.

I start by taking the spinning thing off, then the filter round thing under that.

  Scary right.  You should see the way I give driving directions.  Never know the name of the streets only landmarks. Heck down here in North Carolina, they 3 names for one street.

Back to the dishwasher, I take the grate thing off and then pop up the wholly thing at the bottom, which I later found out it does not come out.  I had it popped so I cleaned under it and around it hoping like heck I can put this piece back.

The gunk and smedgen (i dont think that is a word) Was so gross that I pulled a Hannah.  I was about to puke in my mouth.  I used tons of Clorox clean up and lots of soaking the parts that I took off.  I had to use the sprayer on the parts to get the black gunk off the crack and crevices.  I was way to embarrassed to take any pictures.  Trust me it was disgusting.

I had to take a tooth pick to the little holes in the grate thing, just so I could set it on the rinse cycle.

Rinse, repeat, Rinse, Repeat.   I swear I must have rinsed and wiped out 10 times.  Then I was told to ad vinegar and guess what comes next.....Rinse, Repeat. again and again.  Finally the machine was clean. I have so many button's on this dishwasher.  I even have a sanitize and anti bacteria button.  These buttons are going to be used once a week from here on out.

Now to put everything back together. I sat there starring at the bottom of the dishwasher wondering where this one piece was going to fit.  Don't you just hate extra parts :)  I finally figured it out, with help from my husband and we are back in business.

There will be allot more rinsing your dishes before you put them in the dishwasher at the Foster's home after tonight.

I was setting the coffee maker up for in the morning, and I told my husband that this was the next think I was going to clean out.  He announced HECK NO!  You are going to buy a new one before you do that.  We are coffee drinkers.  We drink the stuff morning, noon and night.  He would probably start smoking if I broke that.

I finished a really cool item for my husband for his birthday tomorrow, but I can't post it just yet.  He is a follower and I don't want to ruin it.  I will post the pictures tomorrow.  I know that he is a follower because this morning while I was in the shower he announced that he was replacing the empty toilet paper roll with a new one.  Then he tells me hey did you know that thing is a spring!  I laughed and of course said thank you.  This blogging thing just might help me around the house.  Who knew?

I did zumba in the morning  I was happy to start that up again.  It was really weird not doing it for three days.

Today on the news and in the papers (thanks Joann) there were reports of people who use these patches and lozenges are more likely to start back smoking within a year.  Really I felt like starting up today then.  I am going through all this only to start back up when I have to come of the patch.

Hope everyone has a great hump day.

 My hands and fingers are killing my form the combination of bleach and vinegar.


  1. I had the exact same problem with knowing how the parts went back together on my dishwasher!

  2. Yeah! Thanks for sharing the original post. I now have a really clean dishwasher :)